You got to Check this out…Great Book!

You got Check this out...Great Book!

Condemned to eternity – I’ll be back – Horror Thriller – Part I [Kindle Edition]

1192 AD, third crusade, mountainous region east of Tirana, Albania today.
Crusaders attacked a pagan village. They pillage in the name of the Lord. The old shaman had predicted the disaster for years. No one had believed her. You must watch as the few survivors of the looting are abused by the Knights for a cruel game. Shortly before her death, she argues against the leader, Henry of Klorken, a curse.
The consequences of this event range up to the present time. 2004 Mannheim. A lonely house in the woods. Unexplained Spukphänomene. The supernaturally gifted Olaf, who lives there alone, experienced horror Full and brought almost to the mind. When his father disappears without a trace, Olaf begins to look for him. Why his father has for decades secretly interested in a noble family from Königsberg, whose track has been lost in the turmoil of the Second World War? Why did it shortly before his disappearance a holiday trip feigned, and instead attempts to enter to Kaliningrad? Catholic priest, the Olaf asks for advice about the phenomena in his house, seems to know a lot more about his father than he wants to admit … By and by comes a truth, is worse than any nightmare. Could there be something that is more terrible than death itself? Are the ancient legends of our ancestors true, our soul can be taken from Something in possession, which obliterates the humanity in us and even conquer death can? eBook and paperback available at Amazon. , the band

I’ll be back
consists of 4 parts (approx. 800 pages).
Publication dates: October 2013, Part II, Part III November 2013, Part IV January 2014 at a price of € 2.99 each

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About the author and other contributors
* 1963 in Mannheim, a German-Italian marriage, raised in Italy, studied political science in Perugia, business computer science in Mannheim. I live since 1986 in Mannheim. After a series of jobs (cook, parcel at the post office, a language teacher, simultaneous translator) I founded in 1994 with its own software and consulting firm and worked until 1999 as a freelance consultant / trainer. In this period, several trade publications emerged in programming by Addison Wesley Germany. Since 2000 I work as salaried IT Specialist (SAP, Web, etc.). Since 2005 I write with fondness crime and horror stories.

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