Far Away

person standing near lake

Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky on Pexels.com

Life in a shell,

A truth for a nail,

Pieces of each,

Kills us slow as a snail.

We have kids,

Wish them the best,

Give what we can,

They end up in a mess.

Galactic heroes,

Avenger want to be’s,

Ironman crusades,

And life’s must see’s.

Not all kids are bad,

Not all are too blame,

Some live a life,

As if it were a game.

Drugs can kill,

Or even worse,

Keep you a live,

Until you wish you were.

What does a parent do?

What can a parent say?

When closed ears abound,

In a life so far away.

Her Love

Her love is all I need,

Its all  there is to me,

If you felt her love,

You’d know her too.


I Love her.


She shows her Love,

Smooth and easy is her way,

The gifts she brings,

She shows to me.


I Love her.


A love like hers,

Will always survive,

I hold her close,

So I won’t die.


I Love her.


Her Love shines bright,

Stars dim as she passes by,

The moon glow pales,

When she smiles.


I Love her.


What’s Next

Love is closed.

Love is lost.

Love is not something,

Love is gone.


People lost a gift.

People lost a being.

When love was taken.

And self was given.


Only self matters.

Only self requires attention.

Only self needs.

Only self matters.


Others are insignificant.

Others attention is not important.

Others needs mean nothing.

Others are insignificant.


Move, shift, and bend.

Take away the old.

Support your Idealism,

Your thoughts are what’s important.


History doesn’t matter.

Truth is what we make it.

Deploy the fires.

Deploy the flames.


Kill the truth.

The only important thing…

Is the lie.