Truth is a Blur

businessman looking at small senior boss
Truth is a Blur
©Cleve Sylcox

Sometimes I wonder,
What life’s about,
Sometimes I shudder,
I can’t figure it out.

Insanity and Mayhem,
Prejudice and greed,
These are a few,
Of the uncertainties.

I watch the news,
And read the paper,
Find more death,
Than in a movie caper.

If there is one thing,
I know for sure,
Life will change,
Truth is a blur.


beauty girl cry
by Cleve Sylcox

Hearts are heavy,
Spirits gloom,
Devastated lose,
Feels like doom.

Blackness swirls,
In deep waves,
Blinding thoughts,
With darkened haze.

If there is,
A silver lining,
Someone show me,
Where it’s hiding.

Death it seems,
Is all around,
Mixed with life,
In shadows found.

For those who,
Passed that way,
We need to live,
Yet one more day.

Blood Crow

raven bird ominous design
Blood Crow
By Cleve Sylcox

On a heap,
Of twisted death,
A crow sits,
All bloody and wet.

From his beak,
Red threads hang,
Black pearl eyes,
A cawing he sang.

You men of,
North and South,
Kill each other,
There’s no doubt.

I feed my children,
With your remains,
On the rocks lay,
Your blood and vain.

Into the night,
And into the day,
The crow kept cawing,
All along the way.

Battles fought,
On bloody fields,
Soldiers came,
Refusing to yield.

Land was raped,
Young woman folk too,
Some fought back,
Families were few.

In a swamp,
A legend was born,
On her back,
Wedding gown torn.

Blood lusting soldiers,
With nothing to gain,
Found death and destruction,
Deep merciless pain.

In the end,
What good was done,
Men all died,
No one had won.

It’s just you…


How is it that I feel,
Like a new man,
What’s the deal?

I see things totally new,
When I’m with you,
Nothings blue,

I look and behold,
A crazy man
I am told,

So, what did you do,
Cast a spell,
Drug me with,
Your alluring smells,

Or is it you’re just you,
A beautiful person,
Giving me life anew.