Far Away

person standing near lake

Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky on Pexels.com

Life in a shell,

A truth for a nail,

Pieces of each,

Kills us slow as a snail.

We have kids,

Wish them the best,

Give what we can,

They end up in a mess.

Galactic heroes,

Avenger want to be’s,

Ironman crusades,

And life’s must see’s.

Not all kids are bad,

Not all are too blame,

Some live a life,

As if it were a game.

Drugs can kill,

Or even worse,

Keep you a live,

Until you wish you were.

What does a parent do?

What can a parent say?

When closed ears abound,

In a life so far away.

Her Love

Her love is all I need,

Its all  there is to me,

If you felt her love,

You’d know her too.


I Love her.


She shows her Love,

Smooth and easy is her way,

The gifts she brings,

She shows to me.


I Love her.


A love like hers,

Will always survive,

I hold her close,

So I won’t die.


I Love her.


Her Love shines bright,

Stars dim as she passes by,

The moon glow pales,

When she smiles.


I Love her.