She was a dancer,

Ready to embrace,

Her life on stage,

Here it was face to face.


A ballerina,

She trained all her life,

She wanted nothing more,

Giving it all her might.


As the curtain rose,

She took three steps,

Her ankle turned,

Wounded she wept.


Weeks of rehab,

Months until her call,

She feared all the fears,

But remembered mostly the fall,


Filled with determination,

Filled with confidence and strength,

She stood once again,

Behind the curtain and her fate.


As the curtain rose,

She took three steps.

Pirouetted, and bowed,

Then leaped with three reps.


Roaring standing ovations,

With ear shattering shouts,

Roses filled the stage.

The reviews gave no doubt,


She was the Dancer,

For the melody they cheered,

She was a dancer,

Without any fear.

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