Featured Book of the Week – Ghost story – Blackwood Legacy by Andy Downs



Ghost story – Blackwood Legacy [Kindle Edition]

Andy Downs

Product Description

John Blackwood is someone you would do well to avoid. With a childhood filled with darkness and cruelty, his adult life has become focused on inflicting his immoral desires on others.

His latest victim, Elizabeth Holding, was chosen on nothing more than the seductive aroma of her perfume. But, as John finds out, his carefully laid plans can go awry in the most unpredictable ways.

Blackwood Legacy The paranormal thriller that refuses to let you go.

About the Author

Andy was born and grew up in Bedfordshire in the UK. He was a dreamy child who had as many imaginary adventures as he did real ones on the river and in the fields near his family home. Many summer days were spent building rafts (that usually sunk) and floating down the river with his friends. When it rained, he would spend hours daydreaming about hidden doorways to underground worlds where strange creatures lived. After twenty years as an engineer, he wanted to spend more time on enjoyable and creative pursuits, and now writes horror stories, teaches classical guitar, is a keen amateur ornithologist and enjoys woodwork. A note from the author. Like most authors, I like to hear what readers think of my books. My writing takes me to some impossible places which I enjoy sharing with you, the reader. There are fewer rewards greater than hearing that you have enjoyed them. So if you have an opinion and the time, I would appreciate your comments. You can leave them on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Google+ or send me a message through the contact page of my website. I’d love to hear from you. Andy Downs

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