Clump, A Changeling’s Story



Clump, A Changeling’s Story [Kindle Edition]

Lynette Creswell , Luke Bailey

A race of monsters by day and ferocious timber wolves by night, the Windigos who live in the Red Canyon are formidable creatures. They survive by eating the flesh of the living but, oddly enough, there is one amongst them who cannot abide the taste of meat on his lips.

His name is Clump and he’s the chief’s only son. Each night and under the cover of darkness he sneaks away to feed upon a multitude of wild berries and fruits. No one knows his terrible secret but his father, Serpen, is growing suspicious.
Then one day, the Nonhawks, a vile species that likes to murder and maim, capture one of the tribe members, brutally disfiguring another. The victim is Brid, Clump’s sister, who is found abandoned in the plateau after suffering a beating which almost costs the young Windigo her life.

Serpen organises a group of hunters to help save Horith, the son of his trusted advisor, from the clutches of the Nonhawk tyrant, King Forusian. After the pack makes its way inside the castle, events spiral out of control which lead to Clump being accused of abandoning his father and leaving him to die.

Sentenced to death, Clump’s life changes forever when he is forced to flee his village. He soon embarks upon a magical journey where he will strike an unlikely deal with a witch, be saved by a Plainwalker and find a friend in an Elvin princess.
Be prepared! This is a touching story of unlikely friendships, unexpected love and the most deadliest of betrayals.

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