Featured Book of the Week – Vinland by Eddie Boggs



The Chronicles of Vinland [Kindle Edition]

E. B. Boggs

Thorvald Ragnarsson, along with his kinsman, Asmund Grettirsson and a host of fellow Jomsvikings leave for the new world after a dispute with Jarl Sigvaldi. Once they establish a settlement, they come into conflict with the native peoples there, called Skraelings by the Norse. Relations with the Skraelings improve and Thorvald’s family grows. But trouble is brewing within the Norse society over religious matters and a larger Skraeling tribe, the Wyandot, threatens the community with more bloodshed. Thorvald?s sons are learning the fighting tactics of the Jomsvikings as the Norse ally themselves with the now peaceful tribes against the Wyandot threat. Once the Wyandot are dealt with, Thorvald breaks with the Christian church, reverting to the worship of the old gods. The settlement?s Abbot, Bolverk, is determined not let that happen and the rift grows even wider. Murder, revenge and brother against brother paint the picture of the struggles in the Chronicles of Vinland.

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