Minor Demons is free 1/30/and 1/31



Minor Demons (Angels and Demons Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Randall Morris , Elizabeth Mackey

Gluttony and neglect have brought a severe soul shortage to the demons of Hell. The rising generation of demons-in-training is tasked with dragging humanity down to a new low in order to pay for their continued existence. After they face the three Hellish trials devised by the Dragon, only the top demons in each class immediately become minor demons. Minor Demons follows Shadow, son of Abaddon, in his quest to free his father from the lowest circle of Hell, Leech who fights for respect and with an ambitious drive to prove himself and make a name for his family, and Lilith, the beautiful demoness out for vengeance against her mother. Join these demons-in-training as they fight to become minor demons and wage a war against angels, humans, and sometimes other demons.

Minor Demons incorporates elements from the Bible, Dante’s Inferno, mythology, and angelology / demonology into compelling dystopian fiction. If you enjoy top fantasy novels, you’ll enjoy following Shadow and his crew in Minor Demons.

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