Billy Kring does it again – The Empty Land



The Empty Land: A Hunter Kincaid Mystery [Kindle Edition]

Billy Kring

A man falls from a clear sky, an undocumented alien who witnesses the falling man is shot for no reason, a rancher’s house is burned to the ground, and a watch is found that contains a hidden camera with dozens of mysterious images. Whatever this is, it has Hunter Kincaid’s attention.
Rancher Sam Kinney and his friend, Miguel Luna provide Hunter with initial clues. A novelist with former ties to the NSA uses her talents to discover additional — and much more disturbing information. Cryptic messages point to a potential terrorist attack. She tells Hunter of a name: Asadullah, The Lion of Allah, the same man tied to attacks in Mumbai and the Boston Marathon Bombings.
CISEN, Mexico’s CIA-like Agency, has an operative in Ojinaga, and he and Hunter agree to help each other with information. More details come to light as violence increases on both sides of the border. Asadullah sets the plan in motion for his masterpiece, an attack that will kill thousands on both sides of the Rio Bravo. Only Hunter and her odd assortment of allies stand in the way of the Lion of Allah, and it appears they are already too late…

Another New Release by Cleve Sylcox – Bedeviled – The Innocent: Damned if you Do

bedeviled the innocent5


Bedeviled – The Innocent: Damned if you Do [Kindle Edition]

Cleve Sylcox

A Short Story

Strong Language
A plane lands at LAX on a cool November morning. GI’s returning home after fighting in Vietnam. They look forward to home cooked meals, seeing love ones, and sleeping on a soft mattress. To some though, returning home is nothing more than a continuation of a war they hate.
Take Ruben Weston for instance. He served his country well for his enlistment in Nov. 1966 to his discharge in Nov. 1969. In that stretch he was wounded three times, rose to Platoon Sergeant, saved countless lives, and was well respected among the troops despite his rough and tough attitude. This story could very well be titled, “In the wrong place at the wrong time.” For Sergeant Weston, it is just that. Caution: Strong Language