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Dreamweavers Kindle Edition

Anything can happen when dreams merge with reality… including murder.

Welcome to Dreamweavers, Incorporated, where Dr. Paula Steiner blends lucid dreaming techniques with neuro-stimulation to teach her patients how to control their dreams and conquer their personal demons.

Toni Fontaine’s possessive ex-husband is stalking her, while nightmares of brutal violence torment her. Travis Colt is haunted by the ghosts of his dead wife and son every night while he sleeps. When Toni and Travis meet at Dreamweavers, sparks fly, and dreams literally come true.

But fellow patient Nick Buchanan is making nightmares come true. Nick, a bitter young man adored by women until an accident permanently scars his face, has learned a powerful secret: he incorporates his twisted dreams into the real world, and uses them to kill people he hates. When Toni spurns Nick’s advances and he sees her and Travis happy together, Nick makes Toni and Travis his next targets.

As the border between dreams and reality blurs, Toni and Travis realize they are the only ones who can stop Nick.

And the only way to defeat him is in their dreams.

Filled with hope, humor, romance, intrigue, action, surreal dreamscapes, a uniquely gifted and nefarious villain, and two amazing dogs, Dreamweavers reveals the compassion and resilience of the human—and canine—spirits with a triumphant climax that blends dreams and nightmares with what we all perceive as the real world.