New Release – David Winter Mysteries – Fly Paper Soup

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David Winter Mysteries – Fly Paper Soup Kindle Edition

All attorney David Winter wants to do is lay around on a Florida beach and watch the ladies parade past in tiny bikinis. His firm specializes in traffic tickets with an occasional divorce. Then an old Army buddy calls requesting a favor. Seems his friends Aunt is accused of murdering her seventh husband with cyanide laced potato soup. David will do anything for his friend and soon finds himself in cold Missouri…and swimming in corpses. The Aunt is seven for seven – seven marriages, seven dead husbands. Coroner juries determined they died from accidents, suicides, carelessness, and even natural causes. David’s nose tells him there’s more to these murders. His investigation takes him from man-eating hay bailers to nose dives out of three story windows. What is the truth? And what will happen when he finds it?