Debut Book by Jeanne Felfe – The Art of Healing


The Art of Healing: A Novel Kindle Edition

Julianne Garvoli is content with her life as a pediatric nurse at a major metropolitan hospital. She is following her every dream, or so she believes. After her idyllic world is shattered, she must reconcile her lost past to rediscover her deepest passion.

Jokob O’Callaghan, a world-renowned photographer, lives a life most could only imagine with his life-love, Keara—until cancer delivers a direct and devastating slam. He walls himself off, focusing solely on his art.

When one of Jokob’s photos brings them together, even love may not be enough to keep them that way. Tragic circumstances and long silent dreams work to sever their bond. Can they each find a way to heal, love, and follow dreams together?

Cleve Sylcox Review of The Art of Healing:

You all know I’m not a romance writer or reader for that matter. But when Jeanne allowed me the privilege of reading her first ever novel I became an instant fan. This ol’ boy shed a few tears while reading this and I might have shed more if my wife hadn’t nudged me out of the way to read it.  
I found Jeanne Felfe’s writing style hypnotizing and it drew me into a world I never knew existed. I can’t wait for her next book, and hope it is a sequel. 

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