With You

With you,

By Cleve Sylcox.


I saw her talking,
To some friends,
A beautiful woman,
Her smile had no end.
I was shy,
And just stared,
Off and on,
A glance we shared.
An introduction,
And we greeted.
Found ourselves chatting,
Then we were seated.
Talked until late,
I had to go,
I asked for her number,
And she said no,
A week went by,
Then another,
I was sad,
My heart was smothered.
But she called,
An hour later,
My soul did move,
My love grew greater.
Twenty six years,
A cat and a dog,
Two boys,
And a life with no clogs.
Not a smooth ride,
Not by any means,
But filled with love,
In the right direction it seems.

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