Love and Other Things

Senior couple enjoy the sunset together

When I first saw you
© 2015 Cleve Sylcox

You know the story well,
I’ve told you more than once,
How, at the church luau,
You turned me into a dunce.

I always felt intelligent,
Not brilliant but a little smart,
When my eyes fell upon you,
My brain fell apart.

You stood by a table,
Talking with a group,
Then you came and talked me,
And my mind did a loop,

Whenever you are near,
I can’t think at all sometimes
I get all goose bumped,
I’m in Love…is that a crime?

Even after Twenty-five years,
Words get lost in your eyes,
You still have that spell on me,
On this I cannot deny,

So, take my hand, If you will,
And follow me, Up the golden hill,

There I can see deep in your eyes,
The moment I became alive…

I Love you dear.

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