Fairy Tales with an Adult Twist…Sounds Fascinating!



Darkly Never After: Fairytales for Adulthood [Kindle Edition]

Fatima Stephens , Kerry E.B. Black , T.D. Harvey , Cathy M. Conway , Alex Hurst , N J Magas , Fern Willows , Laura K. Cowan , Wayne Hills , S. McKane , Lynn Mohney

Darkness. The absence of light, hope, and direction. It is a word that is as pervasive in our language as its consequence is on society. A shot in the dark. To be in the dark. The darkest hour is before dawn. Darkness is the foil for all we consider good in the world––the natural enemy of good, and the virtues of the human spirit.

Peter Benenson once said that it was better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Darkly Never After, a diverse collection of dark fairy tales and fiction, chooses to light the world with its very mission statement. All proceeds from this international volume will benefit children in need.

From classical reimaginings of old classics, to brand new tales of adventure and deceit, Darkly Never After has fairy tales for the sophisticated and worldly mind. Visit the fantastical worlds your childhood books introduced you to, with a touch of maturity for the older reader.

Light a path in the darkness. Become the candle for the lost.

Are you ready for Murder, and Scandal, …hard hitting action and drama…

Are you ready for Murder, Scandal, ...go ta Dogs Run and make you you all wipe feet first.

Dog’s Run [Unabridged] [Audible Audio Edition]

Life is good in Elmhurst, Ohio. The war is over, the economy is booming, and the future looks bright. But just across the deep ravine known as Dog’s Run is a different life, one where times are always hard and dreams seldom come true. When Wanda Jean Reider, a beautiful young woman from the wrong side of town, is found dead in Dog’s Run secrets begin to come out. Secrets that will expose hidden sins and a dark side of life carried on behind the manicured lawns and inside the back rooms of the stores along Main Street. Secrets that will erupt in violence and lead to a showdown that will change the lives of some of Elmhurst’s best known citizens forever.

Nick Russell, New York Times Kindle bestselling author of the Big Lake mystery series, weaves a tale of intrigue, lust, and broken dreams that you will remember long after you finish listening.

©2013 Nick Russell; (P)2014 Nick Russell