Brandon Hale Fund Raiser – Never tell him the odds!

As many of you know, my friend Brandon Hale has Cancer. He is a tough guy and will beat this thing but he needs your help. He earns his living as a writer. It is his sole source of income. While undergoing treatment he does not have the strength to sit at the keyboard. Many have contributed to his cause through donations or with an event like this one in the video. Every little bit helps. On either side of this Blog page you will find links to his donation page if you want to help. Please give what your heart dictates. You can also Help by purchasing one of his many books at…

Thank you.

OK Pilgrim Listen Up…shot with no mercy!

OK Pilgrim Listen Up...shot with no mercy!

The Man From Newella II – The Soldier’s Tale [Kindle Edition]

The Man From Newella has left the town of Rocket, Florida, but we know he spent some time in the nearby soldier’s fort. In Episode II of The Man From Newella series, we finally get to see what happened while the Man was at that base.

Here are a few hints about what happened: It involved gun fights, the animated dead, and plenty of man-eating animals…

In this issue, like all issues of The Man From Newella, no punches are pulled. Enjoy your visceral romp through a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

This issue is a 17,454 word Novella.