No matter your darkest fear, faith overcomes!

No matter your darkest fear, faith overcomes!

Daughter of Llathe: A Tale of the Two Rings (Tales of the Two Rings) [Kindle Edition]
Ben Cassidy (Author)

When Wayfinder Nali is dispatched to the isolated village of Veel’na in the rainforest lowlands of the planet Llathe, she soon discovers that her task is larger than she thought. A dark terror is killing the people of Veel’na one-by-one during the Long Night, and there is no help coming until daybreak several weeks away.

As Nali races to find out exactly what is responsible for these deaths and stop it, she faces rising tension from the captain of the town’s mercenary guard and the frightened villagers themselves.

Will Nali overcome her own doubts and fears, or will the ancient evil that rots out in the heart of the Llathese jungle ultimately consume her?

“Daughter of Llathe” is a novella set in the space fantasy world of the Two Rings. It is approximately 14,000 words long.

Cover line art by Chad Dulac. Coloring by James Huang. Title and cover design by Robert Worl.