Fantastic Insights, not only of St. Charles, but of Missouri and it’s rich history. I wish I had this when I took the Missouri history test in school…I would have aced it!



Crossroads: A History of St. Charles County, Missouri: Bicentennial Edition Paperback – 2011

A stroke is a trouble thing…it can paralyze, wipe away years of memories, or like Celeste, add years of memories especially if the stroke attacks at Hickory Hill. DON’T FORGET TO ‘SHARE’ SO YOUR FRIENDS CAN GET IT FREE! HICKORY HILL is FREE for 48hrs! Just click on the link below, click to order, then enter code HD27H (this code will give you a 100% discount to load it on your e-reader or your computer)

A stoke is a trouble can paralyses, wipe away years of memories, or like Celeste, add years of memories especially if the stroke accrues at Hickory Hill.

Hickory Hill
By Sherrie Hill

The lifelong friendship has lasted almost one-hundred years. One black, one white; both born and raised on Hickory Hill in the shadows of slavery, in Illinois, where slavery was illegal. Their end plan was to live out their last remaining days together, after their husbands had passed. So far, it’s been thirty-six years of remembering the romance of life, and memories shared.

Since it was built, many people have come and gone through the gates of Hickory Hill, but if they were people of color they usually left in chains to be sold into slavery in Kentucky, or traded out as payment of debts. A well trained slave was as good as cash, sometimes better. It was a way of life that didn’t die easily.

Today, Lilly hoped the trip to their childhood home would help put all of Celeste’s jumbled memories back in order, but moments after they arrived Celeste had a massive stroke. The chaos of her mind quickly taking her back to the story days, where she and Lilly learned the history Hickory Hill, their history and the history of the people who made Hickory Hill what it had become.

Hickory Hill tells stories of the 1840 salt plantation in Southeastern Illinois, officially named Hickory Hill when the cornerstone was first set. It is now owned by the State of Illinois, but is more commonly known as The Old Slave House.

Great Historical Book and it is Free, …while supplies last.

Great Historical Book and it is Free, ...while supplies last.

Prayer: Archangels and Intercessory Beings [Kindle Edition]
Randall Morris (Author)

The use of intercessory beings in prayer hasn’t always been the normal accepted practice. As Christianity and paganism began to merge under the rule of the Byzantine Empire, many elements that existed within paganism were “Christianized” and adapted for use by the Church. This article will trace a possible origin for the use of intercessory beings in Christian prayer and will use evidence from the scriptures and non-canonical Christian books to weigh the use of intercessory beings against prayer directed specifically to God. Sources include the Book of Tobit, the story of Joseph and Aseneth, the Book of Daniel, the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, and the appearances of the Archangel Gabriel in the New Testament.

Rome is Burning, See Who Saves Lives..

Rome is Burning, See Who Saves Lives..

The Unthinkable (The Great Fire of Rome) (The Galley) [Kindle Edition]

It is the time of Nero. On a hot July afternoon fire breaks out and engulfs the mighty city of Rome! Based on a true story, this is the actual eyewitness account of a young man who faces the holocaust and heroically saves the lives of countless citizens on that fateful night. The first chapter of “The Galley”, it is a compelling tale of disaster, heroism and terror on a historic scale.