Take a journey within a dream and follow it to the land of Bison, and the Lakota!

Take a journey within a dream and follow it through to the land of Bison, and the Lakota!

The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo: A Child, an Elder, and the Light from an Ancient Sky [Kindle Edition]

A haunting dream that will not relent pulls author Kent Nerburn back into the hidden world of Native America, where dreams have meaning, animals are teachers, and the “old ones” still have powers beyond our understanding. In this moving narrative, we travel through the lands of the Lakota and the Ojibwe, where we encounter a strange little girl with an unnerving connection to the past, a forgotten asylum that history has tried to hide, and the complex, unforgettable characters we have come to know from Neither Wolf nor Dog and The Wolf at Twilight. Part history, part mystery, part spiritual journey and teaching story, The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo is filled with the profound insight into humanity and Native American culture we have come to expect from Nerburn’s journeys. As the American Indian College Fund has stated, once you have encountered Nerburn’s stirring evocations of America’s high plains and incisive insights into the human heart, “you can never look at the world, or at people, the same way again.”

The Past is always Creeping up on us. When it does will it End your plans for the Future?

The Past is always Creeping up on us. When it does will it End your plans for the Future?

9 Incarnate [Kindle Edition]

In 9 INCARNATE Egypt’s great gods and goddesses arrive by comet bringing hope of unity and secrets of the pyramids. However, the beloved Isis isn’t among the Arrivals and preternatural investigator Caitlin Diggs begins hearing the goddess in her head. Could Diggs’s previous exposure to a crystal artifact substantiate the belief that Isis has stored her essence on Earth and consequently now shares her human body?
Perplexed, Diggs turns to a scientist to explain the Arrivals, not to mention the weirdness which includes a coinciding mass disappearance and assassination of the president. Diggs surmises the deities may be preparing a new Egypt until a lethal threat of global warming emerges. More perplexing, is her co-alignment with Isis an alliance or hindrance? Diggs may have to make the ultimate sacrifice if she is to keep Egypt’s past from ending Earth’s future, and all the while maintain her integrity.

If you ever wondered about Vietnam, especially the Tet-Offensive and the effects it had on our Vets, this is a book you need to read. It was written by a soldier who was there.

If you ever wondered about Vietnam, especially the Tet-Offensive and the effects it had on our Vets, this is a book you need to read. It was written by a soldier who was there.

Good for One Ride; updated edition [Kindle Edition]

“I’m forty-five years from The Tet Offensive in Vietnam, but I remember it as if the bodies in the streets of Hue were still warm. I’ve read hundreds of books about that war and written several more, but the one thing that most often eludes these stories, my own included, is the terrifying sense of anticipation that every soldier carries through every day and then brings home to live with for the rest of his life, should he be so lucky. To feel that every second in a war zone holds the origin of your oblivion and to realize once you leave that you are living on time borrowed from corpses is emotionally exhausting and almost impossible to put into words. And yet, Gary McGinnis has managed to do just that with grace and lyricism and great honesty. His book Good for One Ride is a small book in terms of pages, but it is a huge story. If you read it, you will understand the scourge of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that curses combat veterans forever. This is an important work and only enhances the Vietnam War literature that has come before.”

– Jim McGarrah, author of A Temporary Sort of Peace, winner of the Eric Hoffer Award

This vivid short novel utterly transports the reader to the field of war: its infinite manifestations of fear and dreamlike connection and nightmarish loss. In each section the protagonist enters a more terrifying zone of psychological transformation. On every page, the skillful storytelling conveys the immediate effects and the permanent consequences of situations the narrator describes this way: “I strained to see enemy movements everywhere, to feel beyond my senses, to know without reason, to hear without hearing, to become united with the stench and to endure.” Gary McGinnis has written a wise, haunting story that is a remarkable gift to our nation at this moment when our citizens wish to honor and to truly make the effort to understand the soldiers returning to us and those who cannot return.

– Kevin McIlvoy, teacher and author of Little Peg

Free, Free, Free, and did I mention Free.

Free, Free, Free, and did I mention Free.

100 Years Of Baseball: The Intimate And Dramatic Story Of Modern Baseball [Kindle Edition]

“No One Who Wants to Know Baseball History Should be Without this Book” — Portland Press Herald

The story of America’s pastime is rooted in our history. The most commonly told stories of baseball are no mystery. They can easily be found in any of the thousands of books on this team or that player. In 100 Years of Baseball, we get to look even further into the past at the stories that didn’t make the headlines.

Down through the years as baseball grew, Lee Allen traces the development… the New York knickerbockers of yesteryear; Jackie Robinson; the dark days of 1919, to the shenanigans of Durocher and MacPhail, and the New York Yankee world series monopoly.

For a full-fledged history of professional baseball with all its crises, climaxes and heroes 100 Years of Baseball is a book that will excite you like no other.

“Three Amazing Stories of Interaction” Must Read!

Meeting the Enemy: The Human Face of the Great War

A British soldier walked over to the German front line to deliver newspapers; British women married to Germans became “enemy aliens” in their own country; a high-ranking British POW discussed his own troops’ heroism with the kaiser on the battlefield.

These are just three amazing stories of interaction between the opposing sides in the Great War that eminent historian Richard van Emden has unearthed—incidents that show brutality, great humanity, and, above all, the bizarre nature of a conflict between two nations with long-standing ties of kinship and friendship. Meeting the Enemy reveals for the first time how contact was maintained on many levels throughout the war, and its stories—sometimes funny, often moving—give us a new perspective on the lives of ordinary men and women caught up in extraordinary events.