Action Packed Thriller that will keep the pages turning ….

Action Packed Thriller that keep the pages turning ....

The Saladin Strategy (The Jack McDuff series) [Kindle Edition]

Jack McDuff’s ‘blind meet’ with an unknown contact in Vienna pulls him from the ‘good life’ with Mary Conlan and thrusts him back to the dark world of murder and terrorism.
Survival from assassins and the discovery of a secret Jihadist plot unknown to our intelligence services forces Jack into an unsanctioned mission, which ultimately takes him to our nation’s Capital.
Details emerge and elevate the plot to the highest level. The Jihadist mission’s success will upset the global political balance and eliminate America’s influence in the Middle East with no support from her allies. Faced with an imperative to negate the threat, Jack deals with a dilemma. His opposition reaches high into the White House hierarchy and he trusts no one.
Filled with twists and turns, Jack’s rogue mission races to a dramatic finale.

Meet Michael Mcallister, tough rugged retired detective. Until a stranger begs him for help. Five Stars!

Meet Michael Mcallister, tough rugged retired detective. Until a stranger begs him for help. Five Stars!

A Killer’s Revenge: Michael McAllister Mystery Book 2 [Kindle Edition]
Paul McNabb (Author)

Retired detective MICHAEL MCALLISTER and his fiancé, TANYA STAFFORD, are preparing to enjoy the good life in their newly renovated mansion in Los Gatos, California when a stranger pays them an unexpected visit. VALENTINO DE COSTA’s parents have been missing for several days. After reading stories about the Slasher case in the newspapers a year earlier, De Costa begs McAllister to help him search for his parents because he doesn’t believe the local police are up to the task. The case has murder written all over it and investigating crimes seems to bring danger to him and anyone nearby.
Reluctantly, and with more than a little prodding by Tanya, who can never turn down someone in need, the detective agrees to have a look into the disappearance. The more evidence he uncovers, the more confusing the case becomes until it presents the greatest danger Tanya will ever face. In the end it seems only a miracle can save her life.

Chinese Mafia…Watch Your Chop Sticks, Great Read!!!

Wode Susu: My Uncle-A Story of the Chinese Mafia [Kindle Edition]

A Story of the Chinese Mafia

Here for the first time ever, is the tale of Chan Wan San told from his nephew’s point of view. He is the Chobun (The Boss) of the Golden Dragon Society, the most secret of all Chinese Mafia organizations. This story covers Chan Wan San’s birth in 1916 all the way through to present day events and his influence upon them. The Golden Dragon Society dominated the worldwide heroin and ecstasy trades and abstractly controls all other criminal organizations and influences worldwide governments and their leaders’ actions. The main checkpoint hub for all heroin shipments from Asia is Hawaii, Chan Wan San’s nephew Randal Ting and Randal’s best friend Tommy Landis oversee near daily shipments and insure their security. When Chan Wan San believes he had reached the zenith of his power the World Global Control Organization (WGCO) extends to him an invitation to join them. The WGCO is a collection of like minded individuals that controls all world governments and the majority of their leaders, and maneuvers them into the decisions they make. This is done so that a harmonious balance of prosperity, economics, famine, poverty, peace, and war is maintained. The lives of the three main characters is a story of intrigue, treachery, gun battles, Chinese black magic, the women they’ve loved, and; their eventual downfall. This tale is based on a true story and inspired by real events.

Valentines Day…is for Kissing…..

Valentines for Kissing.....

The Kiss (An Anthology of Love and Other Close Encounters [Kindle Edition]

A kiss is a simple communication. It can also be an exchange, a betrayal, an assault, a promise, a hope…or it could be a goodbye. The intimacy of a kiss cannot be denied. Whether shared, stolen or simply dreamed of, its recipient will be affected. Thirty-one stories by authors from around the world will tease your imagination as you anticipate ‘The Kiss’ in each weird or wonderful tale.

This cross-genre anthology contains stories by Kate Aaron, Saxon Andrew, Jacques Antoine, Alison Blake, E. B. Boggs, Shirley Bourget, Ben Cassidy, Jason Deas, Sharon Delarose, Meghan Ciana Doidge, Suzy Stewart Dubot, Corrie Fischer, Brandon Hale, Traci Tyne Hilton, Colleen Hoover, Mona Ingram, J. L. Jarvis, Elizabeth Jasper, Anna J. McIntyre, Jess Mountifield, C. A. Newsome, S. Patrick O’Connell, Suzie O’Connell, Jeanette Raleigh, J. R. C. Salter, Molly Snow, Holli Marie Spaulding, Cleve Sylcox, Robert Thomas, Chris Ward and George Wier.

Free Today and Tomorrow

Free Today and Tomorrow

One False Move [Kindle Edition]

Ex US assassin, ex Hong Kong Police, ex esoteric monk, Irish-American Mike Delaney, is forced to offer his life in place of his kidnapped wheelchair bound friend Bob Messenger and his daughter. Delaney has just two hours to locate and rescue them from the hands of a crazed escapee, a figure from his past, hell bent on turning the wheelchair into an electric chair and wreaking revenge on Mike Delaney. A short story exclusive.