by Cleve Sylcox

Today I went,
Back in time.
To a place,
With many rhymes.

To my childhood,
Laying upon a hill.
Watching clouds drift by,
I got a chill.

Tall trees swayed and waved,
At the clouds as they made their way.

Birds chased bugs,
Bees did hum,
Grasshoppers hopped,
Chewing their gum.

I laid in the grass,
For many hours,
Watching clouds,
As they towered.

Giraffes and elephants,
Floated by,
Dragons breathing fire,
Burning the sky.

I hated to leave,
To get up and go,
But I’m old man,
With no seeds to sow.

I made my way,
Into the house,
Where I wrote,
About a mouse.

But on occasion,
I stared and watched the clouds,
Thought about life on the hill,
And cried out loud.

In The Autumn of Life

Senior couple enjoy the sunset together

In the Autumn of Life
© By Cleve Sylcox

In the Autumn of life,
When we turn gray,
And all those little wrinkles,
Never fade away.

We find meaning in the Sunrise,
And purpose in the sunset,
The grass feels softer,
The water feels wet.

In the Autumn of life,
We find new in the old,
Toss out the trash,
And we become bold.

It isn’t that the world has changed,
It isn’t that people are strange,
It is that our eyes are open,
And see a wider range.

Old important things give way,
To the new important things,
Like bugs, and snakes,
And birds on the wing.

Where Does one begin again…


Where does one begin again,
When life has ripped a soul apart,
When time erased love of heart,
When feelings linger and will not depart,

Where does one begin again,
Life is no more,
She has closed the door,

Cradle me in your arms,
Hold me like never before,
Move me in your loving kiss,
In these things I reminisce,

Where does one begin again,
When hated words shout,
When packed bags leave,
When the house is empty of thee,

Where does one begin again,
Life is no more,
She has closed the door,

Hold me again, I pray,
Take me oh so far away,
Make believe we still love,
These I still dream.