Saturday is a night for Terror…

Saturday is a night for Terror...

BROKEN: Stories of Damaged Psyches
by Weldon Burge

5 tales of horror and suspense
“The style of writing grabs you from the beginning and it carries you to the end without flutter, or fail. Weldon Burge is a Horror Master in the finest league.”

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Zippered Flesh;
Uncommon Assassins;
Someone Wicked

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Alien Invasion, Invisibility…Don’t bother me I’m reading…

Alien Invasion, Invisibility...Don't bother me I'm reading...

5 After Midnight [Kindle Edition]

Inspired by the master of horror, Stephen King, D. Alan Dunn’s short stories, many which are based on true life events, cover a wide range of the horror spectrum. 5 After Midnight is a collection of five haunting tales in the physiological and horror genres. A Message in Dust will have you believing in spooks. Darkest Before Dawn, inspired by Mr. King’s The Mist, is a story of global destruction and alien invasion. When Clouds Cry screams Sci-Fi horror. You’ll wake up sweaty with Shallow Ground. And lastly, what would you do if you were Invisible?