Featured Book of the Week – Blood of Rome Series by John Salter



Blood of Rome: Caratacus (The Blood of Rome Chronicles Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

John Salter

AD 43, the misty and mysterious island of Britannia lies across the channel from Gaul, standing alone as the legions of the Roman Empire gather and turn their attention to her shores under the leadership of the Emperor Claudius. Most tribes capitulate immediately and choose to surrender unwilling to go to war, some side with the invader and fight against their fellow Britons but one stands resolute and ready to defy Claudius, the Catuvellauni.

Led by Caratacus, his tribe choose to resist the largest Empire the known world has ever seen, against overwhelming odds and superior military might, fighting for his entire way of life and the very existence of his people. Caratacus is determined to take the fight to Rome in a way never witnessed before and more successfully than those who have opposed its legions as they attempt to crush all those who stand against them.

Blood of Rome: Caratacus is the first chapter of the Blood of Rome series based on historical fact. It tells the story of a genuine warrior’s struggle and that of his people as they begin one of the longest wars of resistance against Rome and its legions.

Blood of Rome Retribution [Kindle Edition]

John Salter

Three years have passed since the Claudian invasion of Britannia in AD 43. Caratacus has been forced to retreat to the west, where he now leads the free tribes against the Roman occupation of their land. From his mountain stronghold, he launches devastating attacks upon the legions, seeking retribution for the death of his brother and thousands of Britons. The war has just begun, but it’s not a war that Rome is used to fighting as Caratacus’ warriors strike and then vanish into the hills and mist.

The Roman war machine has been halted in it’s tracks and now struggles to come to terms with the tactics used by an enemy employing the guile and cunning of a wolf, and the ferocity of a wounded bear, an enemy they believed should have been brushed aside already. As the conflict continues and battles rage, a fight to the death ensues, a fight between a warrior’s honour and an empire’s strength, both determined upon victory.