So, you don’t know who are but you call yourself Al Clark and you’re in land filled with Dinosaurs and Robots and Aliens?…this I gotta read.


AL CLARK [Kindle Edition]

Jonathan G. Meyer , Dawne Dominique

The man that would call himself Al Clark woke up not knowing where he was. Even worse, he did not know who he was. His journey to discover his identity and where it was that he found himself, leads him to marvels he didn’t know existed, and places only found in a science fiction book. During his quest he discovers man-eating monsters, aliens, and robots, on a world not his own. He dreams of green valleys, idyllic villages, friends that truly care, and finds them all in his adventure of a lifetime—at least the lifetime he remembers.

Dreams mock reality I’ve been told…but what happens when reality is the dream? Must read!

Dreams mock reality I've been told...but what happens when reality is the dream? Must read!

Wizard Dream [Kindle Edition]
J. L. Cooley (Author)

A small group of settlers successfully colonized Asalux, a planet far from Earth. More than 50 year later, nothing is as it may seem. It has been over a year since his father’s disappearance into the dark forest, and 15-year-old Josh Green continues to be haunted by dreams. Not convinced by the stories of his father’s death, he sets out on an adventure to the forest to find him. With his loyal friend Sam at his side, nothing can stop Josh from discovering the truth. He learns ancient secrets of this wondrous place and discovers much more than he could imagine, an underground world, magical creatures and even an evil wizard. To his amazement and wonder he learns of a prophecy for him and his people. Will he fulfill his destiny, or will destruction reign over his home and all those he loves?