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Dead Harvest: A Collection of Dark Tales (Volume 1) Paperback – October 28, 2014

Historical Anthology – I never knew the past was this Scary…



Sins of the Past [Kindle Edition]

Chasity Nicole , Debbie Manber Kupfer , Sunila Vig , Matt Lovell , Kerry Black , Laura Cowan , Don Miskel , N.M. Scuri , Kristin Roahrig , J. Kendall

Sins of the Past is a collection of seventeen historical horror short stories. Each story occurs within a different time period and is based off of factual events that have occurred in the past, only with a few changes to what actually happened.

Do you think you are the worst you can ever be? Think again my friend…T.R.Harris tells it like it is in this funny, yet poignant approach to being the worst you can be. There is always room for improvement.



How To Be The Worst Golfer Ever: … [Kindle Edition]

T.R. Harris

It’s a lot easier to be The Worst at something than it is to be The Best!

This short, humorous Guide is a parody of traditional golfing instruction books, and with frank commentary on the direction society is heading.

It’s actually the anti-golf instruction Guide, designed to help you become so bad at the game
that you’ll gain your coveted 15-minutes of fame as a result. But more than that, this is THE Handbook for becoming the LEAST you can be, both on and off the course, and it’s a subtle indictment of the YouTube generation and the lengths people go to just so others will notice them.

The premise is simple: Being the Best at something is just way too much work. After all, it requires a considerable amount of dedication, effort and skill. Forget all that! It’s a whole lot simpler–and more natural–to be really bad at something. And the path to awfulness comes without all the pressure and stress associated with trying to be the best. This Guide focuses
on the game of golf, yet most of its philosophy can be applied to all aspects of life.

In How To Be The Worst Golfer Ever, it’s all about giving up trying to be good at the game, and instead accept the fact that you’re crappy at it and always will be. But don’t blame yourself….

Golf is a cruel, godless sport, created by the Devil himself to humble and humiliate mankind. It’s the closest to Hell-on-Earth ol’ Lucifer could come up with without violating his non-compete clause with God. And it’s not the landscaping and scenery of the golf course we’re talking about; those are actually quite nice. It’s the game itself. It’s all the fine motor skill required. It’s all the equipment you need. It’s all the knowledge you have to acquire. And lastly, it’s the shit-stew that has to be made out of all the above just so you can attempt the
proper golf swing. And if by some miracle you do manage to pull off a decent shot, now you’re expected to do it again, and again, and again. Yeah right!

Well, I say screw all that. We’re never going to make the PGA Tour. We’re never going to be scratch golfers. We’re never going to be fully satisfied with anyround we play. And we’re never, ever going to become famous because of our exemplary play.

So why even bother?

Why not instead go in the complete opposite direction — and become The Worst Golfer–Ever?

But that’s easier said than done. There’s also a lot of skill that goes into being the worst. Fortunately, for most of us failure comes easy. Even so, this Guide will be invaluable in helping you become the least you can be.

How To Be The Worst Golfer–Ever makes a great Christmas gift for the golfer in the family! Buy it today, or rent it through Kindle Unlimited. Just get it. Now!

This 12,000-word quick read was written by science fiction author T.R. Harris, whose novels contain their fair share of observational humor and social commentary. An avid–yet crappy–golfer himself, Mr. Harris decided to let it all hang out in How To Be The Worst Golfer–Ever. Maybe he’s just living out a latent fantasy to just chuck it all and stop trying. As he says in the Guide, what a liberating and cathartic experience that would be….

Be sure to read all the real novels by T.R. Harris. He really is a serious sci-fi author! Find them on Amazon.com and learn why he has become one of the bestselling sci-fi authors on Amazon over the past three years.

The Novels of T.R. Harris

The Human Chronicles Saga

Part One:
The Fringe Worlds
Alien Assassin
The War of Pawns
The Tactics of Revenge
The Legend of Earth

Part Two:
Cain’s Crusaders
The Apex Predator
A Galaxy to Conquer

Jason King: Agent to the Stars
The Enclaves of Sylox

(All the books are available on Amazon.com.) Website: bytrharris.com

Check out this amazing Story from the gifted Jacques Antoine


Mom’s Kiss: The Taking Back Earth series [Kindle Edition]

Jacques Antoine

A VERY Short Story, the first in the Taking Back Earth series.
Specially for Kindle Unlimited Customers

In the jungles of a broken planet, Maia is still haunted by the people she’s lost. She can’t risk allowing Noah to get close to her… not the way things are.

When the aliens came they destroyed everything and everyone in their path, and to defeat them, mankind had to make itself into something else… something fiercer, more violent… less human. Rebuilding the planet may require more than just hard work. It may depend on rediscovering what it is to be human. This is Maia’s task.

Bedeviled – Tales of the Macabre ready for Pre Order

BookCoverPreview (1)


Bedeviled: Tales of the Macabre [Kindle Edition]

Cleve Sylcox , Dara Ratner Rochlin

Also, Now available in Paperback!!!

From the depths of imagination these Macabre short stories and poems will take you on an emotional fright filled fun ride. Jack the Ripper, Vietnam, insanity of guilt, and the remorse of murder all are waiting for you.

Guilt – A mix of King and Poe as a man is driven insane by his burning desires.

The Drain – Confusion reigns as flood waters consume life and souls.

Darkness – Groundhog Day meets my favorite Martian.

Hidden – A cowboy saga.

The Dock  – Jack the Ripper

Reflections – A vivid psychological portrayal of a Vietnam Vets plight with the insanities of mind and war.

The Haunting of Hathaway – An English oceanside estate is the setting for this encounter with spirit and demon.

The Thug – A 1940’s based story of a thug set on robbery and a man determined to live.

The Bogeyman – Children beware to lock your windows in this tale of soul and dream snatching.

Arsenic and the Trucker’s Wife – Murder should never be attempted by amateurs.

Room Number Three – Motel for murdered souls with a manager who likes to make his guest feel at home.

Run – A woman out for a jog – a ghost seeking to help her – an ex-husband out to kill her.

The Patting Hooves – A civil war soldiers tale.