Nucor – Season of the Moons Who Will Survive

Nucor - Season of the Moons Who Will Survive

Nucor: Seasons of the Moons [Kindle Edition]
Cleve Sylcox (Author), Elizabeth Mackey (Illustrator)

Thomas Harwick has problems – He cannot remember his involvement in the scant wars. Scratchy memories with feelings of dread link him to a past he wants to forget. A nightmare hangs over him, casting an evil shadow. Thrums invade the planet threatening to murder all its inhabitants whose hatred for each other dates back centuries. Thomas must unite them in order for the planet to survive. A battle for possession, conquest and survival ensues.

Book Four!!!!

Book Four!!!!

Alien Arrivals (The Galactic Mage Series Book 4) [Kindle Edition]
John Daulton (Author)
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The populations on several worlds have discovered themselves to be but part of a galaxy filled with other sentients. Book 4 of the Galactic Mage Series begins a new phase of existence for the people of those worlds, and it follows the lives of Altin and Orli, Roberto, Queen Karroll, Blue Fire, Shadesbreath, and of course, Pernie, as they begin to discover what roles they have in the redefined universe.

Other familiar characters also appear, including the return of Black Sander and the ever-malignant marchioness. Their motives and machinations become increasingly clear, and their ambition, patience and cunning will be put in pursuit of greater power and influence. It’s a “new world” in the wide, wide galaxy, and the opportunities are endless … for everyone.

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Alien Arrivals is a 158,000 word novel, fourth in the series. Book 5 is underway and expected in the second half of 2014.


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Dreams mock reality I’ve been told…but what happens when reality is the dream? Must read!

Dreams mock reality I've been told...but what happens when reality is the dream? Must read!

Wizard Dream [Kindle Edition]
J. L. Cooley (Author)

A small group of settlers successfully colonized Asalux, a planet far from Earth. More than 50 year later, nothing is as it may seem. It has been over a year since his father’s disappearance into the dark forest, and 15-year-old Josh Green continues to be haunted by dreams. Not convinced by the stories of his father’s death, he sets out on an adventure to the forest to find him. With his loyal friend Sam at his side, nothing can stop Josh from discovering the truth. He learns ancient secrets of this wondrous place and discovers much more than he could imagine, an underground world, magical creatures and even an evil wizard. To his amazement and wonder he learns of a prophecy for him and his people. Will he fulfill his destiny, or will destruction reign over his home and all those he loves?

Heart Pounding Excitement!

Heart Pounding Excitement!

Oxygen: A Science Fiction Suspense Novel (Oxygen Series #1) [Kindle Edition]

Valkerie is tough, beautiful, and has an uncanny knack for survival. When NASA chooses her for the first mission to Mars, Valkerie is thrilled — until she learns she’s displacing America’s heartthrob, celebrity astronaut Josh Bennett.

Bob, the ship’s mechanic, is paid to be paranoid — and he’s good at it. After a teeth-rattling launch, Bob realizes that his paranoia hasn’t prepared him for this trip. He can deal with a banged-up spaceship, but how’s he going to survive the next five months with HER just a flimsy partition away?

Halfway to the Red Planet, an explosion leaves the four-member crew with only enough oxygen for one.

The pilot is left in a coma.

The mission commander is coming unglued.

All evidence points to sabotage — and Valkerie and Bob are the obvious suspects.

Joinings Launches Today!

Joinings Launches Today!

Joinings (A Seared Sky) [Kindle Edition]

When the Skyfire arrives early, Dagla Kaz sets out for the ancient homeland to harvest a new Godwood and exchange Virgin Gifts.

He must lead his pilgrims hundreds of leagues over pirate-infested seas, across hostile lands, and return triumphant before the seared sky dies back to normality.

In his father’s absence, the renegade Aklon risks torture and death to bring justice to the people. Mindtalk with a wise woman on the distant mainland has opened his eyes to the evil underlying the society he inhabits. And, whilst seeking truth, he finds a soulmate in the most unexpected place.

Seeing his daughter Tumalind wrongly chosen as a Virgin Gift, religious fanatic Aglydron follows the mission to right the wrong. Okkyntalah, her betrothed, helps kidnap the rightful victim to take her over unknown seas and lands, facing violent death at the end of their journey.