A whole town falls in a cavern and struggles to survive…Who will come out alive.

A whole town falls in a cavern and struggles to survive...Who will come out alive.

SINKHOLE: A Contemporary Jules Verne [Kindle Edition]

-Disaster strikes a small town in England as the earth gives way to 100feet shafts, burying the people alive-

In the town of Saxonville in South West England, precious lives are lost when a number of sinkholes open up, taking with them a house, a church, a shop, a children’s park, and all the people in them. As the town mourn the loss of their loved ones from the earth’s gaping wounds, the relatives remain unaware that some have survived, after an underground lagoon had cushioned their fall.

Below ground, the survivors drag each other from the water to find themselves in a spectacular cavern with no way out. Desperate to get dry from the perishing cold, they must find a way to make a fire, to keep warm until they are rescued.

In Saxonville, the army is unable to form a rescue team, fearing potential cave-ins. Assuming the people underground are dead, the wheels are set in motion to fill in the holes, so that they can rebuild the town and carry on.

Far below the surface, as their new world is sealed from above, a story of friendship and fortitude begins, as the survivors desperately attempt to find heat, light, food and essential medical supplies. Using their wits and their natural instincts for survival, they recycle the resources that fall through the sinkholes with them; a tree, a bed, a pharmacy and a blue Mondeo.

It’s a Bitch when your dreams turn into reality…Zombies will eat you!

It's a Bitch when your dreams turn into reality...Zombies will eat you!

The Rise of Peter Troy: The Decayed Ones [Kindle Edition]

Life has always been an uphill battle for Peter Troy. His obsession for zombie films was the only thing that kept him company when times got tough. After losing his job as a butcher at the local market and getting dumped by his girlfriend, all in the same day, Peter tried to close himself off from the world. His efforts were thwarted when his obsession actually became a reality. Follow Peter on his journey to redemption as he struggles with his mixed feelings of excitement and regret. Will he be able to adapt and excel in a world now being overrun by the living dead? Or will he fail to succeed as he did when the world was normal?

Survival means doing what you must…WOW!!! Must Read!

Survival means doing what you must...WOW!!! Must Read!

Lucky Thirteen (The Raiford Chronicles) [Kindle Edition]

Twelve women are dead, and a thirteenth is missing. Detective Ray Reynolds races time to catch a killer. Nothing ties the victims together, except the way in which they died. What Ray discovers blows him away as the battle takes on a supernatural element. There’s just one small catch — evidence points to Ray as the murderer.

From a small town in Mississippi, Larkin Sloan is a dynamic young teacher in the equally small town of Eau Bouease, Louisiana. Abducted, she foregoes common sense and rational behavior in order to stay alive and not become the thirteenth victim of a serial killer.

Zombies against Vampires…NOW that’s worth reading!!

Zombies against Vampires...NOW that's worth reading!!

After The End Paperback

The story of a woman surviving a zombie outbreak by creating a tense alliance of humans and vampires; it follows their interactions as this community faces a life remade by death. She must battle both her past and her growing feelings for one of the vampires. Can she maintain a future as the leader of her small community of survivors against rival humans and the masses of Dead?

Explosive drama, Rawhide was never this good….

Explosive drama, Rawhide was never this good....

Captive Heart

In a time of prejudice, when white settlers ventured out West to expand their territories and the Indian tribes fought to keep what has always been theirs, beautiful and courageous Sarah Dobson gets caught between the underlying battle changing her life forever.
Can she forgive the man who took her son’s life? Can she learn to love again?
Captive Heart is the fast-paced, emotionally charged story of this woman, reeling from the death of her son and struggling against the prejudices she was raised with. Will her faith be enough to carry her through the betrayals and the heartbreak toward a life of her own? Or will she be forced to live a life where her heart is held captive?