Drop what your reading and read this…You won’t be sorry.

Drop what your reading and read this...You won't be sorry.

Wild Angel (Northstar Angels) [Kindle Edition]

Contemporary Romance
Luke Conner is still struggling to move on a decade after the tragic murder of his high school girlfriend. Teaching at the same school he attended has turned out to be a nightmare instead of the dream it once was, and it’ll take a miracle to salvage his career and his sanity. Ryan Connelly finds herself wanting to be that miracle. For four years, she has ignored her attraction to Luke, but she can no longer stand by as the other teachers harass him. Ignoring the warning in her still-bruised heart, she extends an offer of friendship. What begins as a tentative camaraderie quickly blossoms into something neither expected to find, but old habits die hard, and they both have to learn how to trust again before they can make a new life together.

The Northstar Angels Series
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