Blackwood Legacy – Paranormal Thriller [Kindle Edition]

Blackwood Legacy - Paranormal Thriller [Kindle Edition]

John Blackwood is no ordinary man. Subjected to cruelty and violence throughout his entire life at the hands of his sociopathic father, John developed his own immoral desires, and feels no remorse in their execution.

A chance meeting with Elizabeth Holding would become a pivotal moment in John’s life. What starts as a carefully planned afternoon of sexual domination, develops into something much more complex, something that can’t be controlled.

Blackwood Legacy – The paranormal thriller that refuses to let go.

Big Lake Lynching [Kindle Edition]

Big Lake Lynching [Kindle Edition]

When a young Apache man is found hanging from a tree on Cat Mountain, Sheriff Jim Weber and FBI agent Larry Parks go on the hunt for the killers and by the time their investigation is over, the idealistic cover is ripped from the little mountain town of Big Lake, revealing old prejudices, resentments, and hatred.

In their search for justice, Sheriff Weber and Parks encounter Native American activists, a kinky couple whose passion burns as hot as their tempers, a teenager with excess baggage, and a father and son team of small town bullies, to name just a few.

Many of the characters that made the original Big Lake book so popular are back, along with some new ones readers will remember for a long time.

One reviewer has referred to the Big Lake mystery series as “Mayberry Meets Twin Peaks.” It’s a combination of humor and intrigue that launched author Nick Russell’s first Big Lake book into Amazon’s 100 Top Paid Kindle books for over 78 days, and Big Lake Lynching is sure to be a hit too!

Commentary – NFL, Seattle VS San Fran Was the game fixed?

Seattle, Washington


Cleve Sylcox

Football…A grid iron where anything is possible and injuries occur frequently. High paid gladiators push, shove, smack, claw, hit, tackle, snort, drip saliva, and run around with a pig skin tucked in their arms trying to cross a goal line while an opposing force of eleven men try to stop them. Sounds like fun to me. Although at my age it would kill me…

My horse in this race was eliminated long before the regular season ended. The hapless Browns, the dawgs – my name sake, found peace at Happy Havens Kennels around mid season. But even with that, I love football. Not as much as Baseball…I LOVE Baseball. Sorry I had to throw that in to help you understand my disgust of last nights Seattle and San Fran game.

First off I really have no love for either team. I think San Fran is a bunch of ego maniacs, which sums up most of the NFL players anyway, however with the Niner’s it is problematic. Case in point, last week, their quarterback scores a touchdown and pretends to rip his shirt off and then kisses his biceps…is this pro-wrestling or football.

Seattle, the latest Cinderella of the NFL, is not much better. At the end of last night’s game their corner, Richard Sherman, was interviewed by a FOX sports reporter and he yelled about being the best corner ever, and so on and so fourth…please. Again Pro- Wrestling rant talk.

Over all it was a very good game, close, competitive…just the kind of game to shoot ratings through the roof. Seattle, down early came back to win in the fourth 23 – 17. Great game if you are a Seattle fan. Then there was the “play.” There is always the play, the one pivotal moment where fans and commentators alike point too and say, that’s where the game changed. I’m sure many will point to what I refer to as, “The Broken Leg Play.”

Wilson drops back to pass and tosses the skin down field. His receiver catches it near the goal line but is stopped. Bowman stripes the ball from him and the receiver’s momentum propels him across Bowman’s leg bending it like a straw. Despite this, Bowman clearly hangs onto the ball but looses it after hitting the turf, (If a player is tackled and loses control of the ball at or after the time he makes contact with the ground, the player is treated as down and the ball is not in play). The ball bounces free and Lynch recovers for Seattle. The play by rules is un-reviewable.

Bowman should have been ruled down and San Fran with the ball. But, I am not a Ref. Hell, I’m not even fan of either team as mentioned before. It just seems to me that if the NFL wanted fair play and to give each team fair advantage, the play should have been reviewed. But, the NFL wants their Cinderella in the dance…so, after a couple of exchanges Seattle scores.  A lot has been said about Seattle fumbling the ball on the very next play after Bowman’s Leg injury. Sure San Fran had their chances and could not capitalize. But what people are failing to remember that all it takes is a few arrant calls to throw a game. Seattle wins.  The stadium erupts, the people at home rooting for the Hawks shout, “We’re number one,” and the Niner crowd groins and moans. The NFL though smiles… counting their money.

Featured Author – M Jean Pike



• Heatherfield
• In The Shadow of the Dragonfly
• Shadow Lake
• The Winds of Autumn
• Waiting for the Rain
• Whispers in Autumn

Background Information

 I’ve been writing profesionally since 1996, and  have been  priviledged to see my essays and short stories in a number of fine publications. My first novel, The Winds of Autumn, was published in 2005. My second novel, Waiting for the Rain, a paranormal romance, was named Novel Of The Year at Champagne Books. Check out my reviews! My third novel, a time – travel romance entitled Heatherfield, was released in February, 2008 from Black Lyon Publishing! Novel number four, IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGONFLY, in October of 2008, and my latest series, LOVE ON THE LAKE, including  SHADOW LAKE, WHISPERS IN AUTUMN, and SUNSET COVE  is NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon and Black Lyon Publishing. (All titles  available as Kindle books, too!) 


My essays and short stories have appeared in GRIT, Bird Times, Whispers From Heaven, The Iconoclast, Hindsight, Folklore!, Purpose, Anthology, About Such Things, True Romance, and others. My paranormal romance novel, WAITING FOR THE RAIN, was named NOVEL OF THE YEAR for 2007 at Champagne Books!

Additional Information

Whispers in Autumn, Book Two in my Love On The Lake Series is now available in e-book and paperback formats at Amazon and in my publisher’s bookstore! and as a Kindle Book at Amazon!

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I first  became acquainted with Jean Pike through the Authors Den (, I was a “wet behind the ears” author still feeling around for my genre. Not sure what direction to go. Then I read a short story M Jean Pike, posted on the Den, about a young lady who fell in love with a painting and then well, it’s a surprise. It would be an injustice for me to reveal the story to you. Needless to say I was hooked. I even read several of her Paranormal romance novels. I don’t read romance but I found myself deeply moved and torn apart by the characters. I was hooked and since then Jean has become my Mentor and more importantly a very good friend,