This Weeks Featured Book Is ….Sands of Nevertime by Robert Thomas

 This Weeks Featured Book Is ....Sands of Nevertime by Robert Thomas

Life is hard in the Pit-lands, a desert world filled with sand and sickly scrub and little else. Living is no more than just surviving. As the summer sun sets on his work in the sparse fields he farms, Caide stumbles upon a relic from a time so long ago, the world he lives in has no name for it, and yet in that moment, his life is about to collide with that nameless past.

On the land where his family has struggled to survive, those ties are suddenly and brutally severed. With no future left to hold on to, Caide seeks revenge the only way he knows how; he vows to track down his father’s killer and leave his home forever as he seeks a new life away from the pain as some part of him seeks to understand.

This Weeks featured Author is…Robert Thomas

 This Weeks featured Author is...Robert Thomas

I welcome all to my world of writing and authorship. I have been writing for many years and have published several fantasy works through Amazon. I have tried to give the tales a feeling of place and circumstances that, although fiction, all readers who enjoy fantasy can relate to.

I have recently released The Crystal Point Legacy, a series of three books: The Dream Valley, Silent Watcher and Death of Kings. ‘Sands of Nevertime’ is the first book of a new series, ‘The Last Elf Prophecy’ It is being released as of Friday, July 12, 2013 here on Amazon. I sincerely hope everyone enjoys the book.

I also welcome all to follow along with my blog, Ramblings of a 50 year old man; It is just my thoughts on life as I journey along to the fateful end. I have also started a new blog, which is a first-person prequel to The Crystal Point Legacy.