Murder…a simple little thing. Until you have a teen investigator on your trail .

Murder...a simple little thing. Until you have a teen investigator on your trail .

The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight (The Steph Linder Trilogy Book 1) [Kindle Edition]
John Tucker (Author)

Steph Linder dreams of being an Atlanta policewoman when she graduates high school in 1980’s Georgia. After her estranged mother is killed in Woody Pines, Steph is forced to stay with the grandmother and uncle she blames for her parent’s divorce in order to secretly investigate the murder. In the small, insulated town, Steph encounters a hunky teenager with intimate ties to her mother, three disreputable men who worked with her at a seedy bar, and a friendly librarian with several motives to be the number one suspect.

With only six days to catch the killer before going back to Atlanta to finish her senior year, Steph deals with a lecherous uncle, residents who view her as an unwelcome stranger, and long distance problems with her boyfriend and two BFF’s. Will she find the killer, or fall victim to the same fate as her mother?

The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight is a teen-noir crime mystery that features a plucky, but flawed heroine, a broken family unit that bands together after eight long years, and a tension-filled denouement that will stay with you long after you finish the novel.

A stroke is a trouble thing…it can paralyze, wipe away years of memories, or like Celeste, add years of memories especially if the stroke attacks at Hickory Hill. DON’T FORGET TO ‘SHARE’ SO YOUR FRIENDS CAN GET IT FREE! HICKORY HILL is FREE for 48hrs! Just click on the link below, click to order, then enter code HD27H (this code will give you a 100% discount to load it on your e-reader or your computer)

A stoke is a trouble can paralyses, wipe away years of memories, or like Celeste, add years of memories especially if the stroke accrues at Hickory Hill.

Hickory Hill
By Sherrie Hill

The lifelong friendship has lasted almost one-hundred years. One black, one white; both born and raised on Hickory Hill in the shadows of slavery, in Illinois, where slavery was illegal. Their end plan was to live out their last remaining days together, after their husbands had passed. So far, it’s been thirty-six years of remembering the romance of life, and memories shared.

Since it was built, many people have come and gone through the gates of Hickory Hill, but if they were people of color they usually left in chains to be sold into slavery in Kentucky, or traded out as payment of debts. A well trained slave was as good as cash, sometimes better. It was a way of life that didn’t die easily.

Today, Lilly hoped the trip to their childhood home would help put all of Celeste’s jumbled memories back in order, but moments after they arrived Celeste had a massive stroke. The chaos of her mind quickly taking her back to the story days, where she and Lilly learned the history Hickory Hill, their history and the history of the people who made Hickory Hill what it had become.

Hickory Hill tells stories of the 1840 salt plantation in Southeastern Illinois, officially named Hickory Hill when the cornerstone was first set. It is now owned by the State of Illinois, but is more commonly known as The Old Slave House.

A St. Charles, Missouri a cheerleader is dead…Murdered. Who done it? Love it!

A St. Charles, Missouri a cheerleader is dead...Murdered.  Who done it? Love it!

Rurals and Townies [Kindle Edition]
L Launer (Author)

Blanchette High School Cheerleader Molly Warner’s best friend and captain of the football team, is poisoned. At odds with her politically career-minded state representative mother, Molly does not heed her Mother’s advice; she seeks the truth in the assault and attempted murder of her best friend and teammate and is willing to put even her own beliefs on the line.