A New Hit From TR Harris!!


The Enclaves of Sylox: Jason King: Agent to the Stars – Book One (Jason King – Agent to the Stars 1) [Kindle Edition]

T.R. Harris

international bestselling Science Fiction author T.R. Harris comes an exciting NEW series:

Jason King:
Agent to the Stars




Only $2.99 until Wednesday, September 17. ($4.98 thereafter)

(Along with the added bonus of the complete Book
One of The Human Chronicles Saga: The
Fringe Worlds
. Two books for the price of one!)


Eleven years ago, Army
Ranger Jason King lost his job when
the aliens came to Earth and outlawed war among nations. Now he makes a fairly
decent living as the top real estate broker on the planet Sylox, the capital of
the Galactic Union. His clients are primarily Humans coming to the planet to
work at the huge Embassy Complex, and they find Earth-like housing – along with
a little taste of home — in the sprawling Enclaves
of Sylox

Things are going pretty
well for Jason, right up to the time his latest customers from Earth arrive –
and that’s when all hell breaks loose! Now Jason finds himself entangled in layer upon layer of deadly conspiracy
involving a quasi-religious artifact whose theft is about to trigger
a galactic war. The Earth has also become ensnared in this conspiracy, placing
her squarely in the sights of two vindictive alien species bent on her

Now all Jason King has to do is recover
the artifact, capture the thief, prevent a galaxy-wide war and save the Earth
from annihilation. And do all this between his real estate closings. Oh,
and there’s also a super-hot woman right in the thick of things, too, just to
make things interesting. And don’t forget the headlong chases through exotic star
systems, and the shoot-outs, and the fist-fights — you know, all the good stuff
that puts the adventure in space opera!

Enclaves of Sylox is typical T.R. Harris,
full of adventure, humor and witty,
down-to-earth dialogue. Plus his skewed way of looking at Human-Alien
interaction. This one is funny, quirky … and a little bit different. After all,
when was the last time the hero in a space opera adventure was a real estate

This special edition of The
Enclaves of Sylox
also has an added bonus: The COMPLETE Book One of T.R. Harris’s bestselling series The
Human Chronicles Saga – The Fringe Worlds
That’s right, two complete novels for the price of one. Whatta deal!

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The Novels
of T.R. Harris

The Human Chronicles Saga

Part One:

The Fringe Worlds

Alien Assassin

The War of Pawns

The Tactics of Revenge

The Legend of Earth

Part Two:

Cain’s Crusaders

The Apex Predator

A Galaxy to Conquer

Jason King: Agent to the Stars

Enclaves of Sylox

(All the books are available on
Amazon.com.) Website: bytrharris.com

Great Short Story


The Witching Hour [Kindle Edition]

Lynette E. Creswell

This 10 minute, lighthearted romance tells the story of Stella, a young woman who’s unlucky in love. One night she is invited to a Halloween party by her boss but the dreaded Delores, her spiteful co-worker has been invited too. Delores has her sights set on Harry Dunlop, Stella’s dream man but events are about to unfold that will teach Delores a valuable lesson and allow Stella to finally get to grips with far more than just her broomstick.

Shades of Gray #15



#15 Shades of Gray: Motto Of The Assassins Guild: Hilt Of The Dagger (SOG- Science Fiction Action Adventure Mystery Serial Series) [Kindle Edition]

Kristie Lynn Higgins

The Hand and the Foot face off in the Dragon’s Teeth, the city of the Assassins Guild.

Shades of Gray Series:
1. Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness
2. From Moscow, With Love
3. Cerberus Versus Pandora
4. Sisters

Secret Powers of the, Immortal!


Sinners of Magic (The Magic Trilogy Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Lynette Creswell , Phil Moss

Crystal is no ordinary sixteen year old girl. Ever since she was a small child she’s been able to sense things, feel when danger approaches and now she’s gone one step further and saved a boy’s life by summoning a supernatural being.

Little does she know it but her natural parents are powerful immortals. Secret lovers in a magical land where procreation outside of their own realms is forbidden, the Elders punish Amella and Bridgemear by banishing their new born child to the world of mere mortals.

Years have passed and dark times have descended upon the Elf Realm. Crystal is visited by a shape-changer and tricked into believing if she returns to the Kingdom of Nine Winters, she will find the answers regarding her newly revealed birth right.

Soon she is caught up in dangers greater than anything she could have ever imagined while those who fight at her side, battle to protect her from a wicked sorcerer gone insane and one who is willing to take her to the very edge of destruction…

Fire Power!


Future of Flames: The Spark [Kindle Edition]

Lisa Messier , Kathy Krick

Kateraina was born FireKin, a true child of power. Her once mighty clan was decimated in the last Great War. Hunted her entire life, Kateraina has struggled to control abilities she barely understands. Her fate screams at her from the nightmares that plague her, a constant reminder of the violence she fears she holds.
Now, if she is to have any hope of survival, she must follow a NightWalker far into darkness and embrace shadows that lurk deep within. She must discover the truth about herself, a truth buried for for over 1300 years. Kateraina must find her hope hidden in the past, or will she face her Future of Flames.