Ribbons and Bows

Champagne Breakfast In Bed
What is it,
That I see?
In the years,
Long behind me.

What is it,
That is there?
In the years,
That I care.

What is it,
Love or hate,
In the years,
I uncrate.

She is there,
With me still.
In my mind
Love that wills.

I turn to see,
Her smiling face,
I feel the,
Gentleness of her grace,

What it is,
I must know,
Why she lingers,
My love it grows.

What is it,
That I feel,
When about her,
A kiss I steal.

Sleeping on pillows,
Covered with bows,
Wonderful dreams,
I tickled each toe,

One to another,
We did wed,
Made love,
On a silken bed.

Twilights last whimper,
We did hear,
But then alas,
You cried my dear.

What is it then,
That I seek,
Looking back,
Feeling so weak.

What is it then,
I want to hold,
You are gone,
With the ribbons and bows…

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