Spaulding Memorial Fund



We, as a community, are trying to raise money to support our friend who lost her husband on October 22, 2014. He served our country faithfully as a member of the United States Coast Guard.

Garrett left behind a wonderful wife with four children, who were very active in their church community, Girl Scouts, and Youth Sports. Please help us in donating to help our Military family in this difficult time. Click here to be transferred to Gofundme

Featured Book of the week – Lee Hanson – Swan Song



As dawn breaks, the pale body of a beautiful, raven-haired young woman is discovered in an errant swan boat, adrift on a small lake smack in the middle of a jewel-like park in Downtown Orlando. It looks like a suicide: Snow White in a fractured fairytale. Body language expert, Julie O’Hara, isn’t buying it. And that’s a BIG problem, since Julie is the one person most likely to figure it out.

Featured Author of the Week – Lee Hanson

Karen Lee Hanson Featured Author of the Week - 10/26/2014

Karen Lee Hanson Featured Author of the Week – 10/26/2014

LEE HANSON, a Boston native and Florida transplant, is the author of The Julie O’Hara Mystery Series, including Castle Cay, Swan Song, and Mystral Murder. Her novels, featuring body language expert Julie O’Hara, have been called “the answer to a mystery addict’s prayer”, a line that makes the author smile…and keeps her writing.

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