Are you Ready for a Mechanized Steam Punk Anthology? Me too…Hey Wait! Me first!




Mechanized Masterpieces: A Steampunk Anthology [Kindle Edition]

Anika Arrington , Alyson Grauer , Aaron Sikes , A. F. Stewart , Scott William Taylor , Neve Talbot, M. K. Wiseman , David W. Wilkin , Belinda Sikes , Penny Freeman

What would you do if your child was murdered? Detective Dorian Sil went beyond the ends of the Earth to track down the conspirators behind his daughter’s death in J.L. Young’s scifi novel “Veiled Stars.”

Year 2215… A coronal mass ejection has irradiated the Earth leaving a thick cloud known as the Veil. All life has been collected into ecological systems known as Ecos.
Detective Dorian Sil finds his daughter murdered. The evidence points to two thugs. An emotionally devastated Sil takes matters into his own hands. While he exacts revenge Sil acquires information leading him to Hadrian Forsythe, the leader of a nefarious syndicate, who ordered the murder. Forsythe was exiled to the surface, that’s where Sil has to go. Sil turns himself in.
With the aid of an AI implanted in his skull, Sil locates the artificial aquifer where Forsythe is known to rule.
He infiltrates the heavily guarded water storage facility in hopes of capturing and bringing Forsythe to justice… Sil’s justice. During his pursuit he uncovers a conspiracy, that if set in motion would lead to the extinction of mankind.

Here is my interview with Tim Wahl



Name Tim Wahl

Age As old as the willow’s woes and as young as a lark’s love

Where are you from – USA

Fiona: Tell us your latest news? My latest news would be going to the Comikaze convention at the end of October. I love the convention and have a blast there. As far as writing, I am working on the fourth book and putting together a history (appendix) to place in the back of this book. It takes time but I feel fans will greatly appreciate having this as a reference.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I started writing poetry when I was 12. I started writing screenplays when I was 18 and I started to write my first book when I was 27. I have always liked to express myself through written words. When I was close to graduating high school, the thought came…

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Need protection in this life…call a cop. Need protection in life after death…Call Eva.



Ascension (Eva’s Ascension Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Aimee J Scott

Ascension is the peaceful world that sits in the once empty space between the lands of the living and the dead. It is home to Eva, a child of the Underworld and an enforcer of the balance. Eva’s existence is entirely dedicated to protecting the realms from threats that may break the fragile truce between the Gods.
But now a new threat looms over the human world. A threat unlike any other that the immortal enforcers have faced in their constant battle to maintain the balance between Avalon and the Underworld.
Can Eva and her fellow enforcers save Ascension and the world of the mortals when even the Gods have turned their backs?

Join Eva and her new vampire partner, Silas, as they battle through the realms in a race against time to challenge the Gods and delay the extinction of mankind.

We’ve all done something good for others and never were recognized whether wanted or not. For Jonathan, there is choice. He must do it and no one will ever know.


The Never Hero: Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs [Kindle Edition]

T. Ellery Hodges

What if when you died, no one would ever know you were all that stood between man and the enemy?

When Jonathan Tibbs awakes in a puddle of his own blood, there isn’t a scratch on him to explain it. In the weeks to follow, he comes to find he’s been drafted for a war with a violent otherworldly species. A war that only he can remember. Now, the man Jonathan imagined himself becoming is no longer the man who can endure his future.

The first installment in this science fiction action adventure series, The Never Hero is a gritty and honest look at the psychological journey of a man forced to forge himself into a weapon. Abandoned with little guidance, and at the mercy of a bargain struck far outside his reach, Jonathan races to unlock the means to surmount the odds, and understand the mystery behind a conflict raging outside of time and memory.

In the end, the real question is what Jonathan is willing to become to save a planet that will never see his sacrifice.