This Weeks Featured Book – Moon Struck..and added bonus First Love by Jeanette Raleigh

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Moon Struck: Book 1 (When, Were, and Howl) [Kindle Edition]

Jeanette Raleigh

“Ms. Raleigh drew me in and held me tight from the first word until the last, and left me wishing for more. It is definitely worth your time to add this story to your collection.” –Bitten By Books–

Jen has never enjoyed the full moon. Not like her family and certainly not like her boss, Rob, whose monthly trysts leave the office in a shambles. Jen turns into a mouse on the full moon, the most disrespected form in the were-community.

Her crush on Rob only makes her deep loneliness and feelings of alienation worse. When her friend steals an amulet with the power to turn were-wolf, Jen decides to try it on… only to find that being a wolf isn’t all its cracked up to be. Guaranteed to make you howl.

An Top 100 Bestseller in April

****ALSO AVAILABLE: The When Were & Howl Collection. Five Books bundled together.
(Formerly released as Wolf N Mouse)


First Love (Dark Visions Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Jeanette Raleigh , Cover by Laura Gordon

“The wind-goddess sent me a dream of your death. I came to save you.”

Emily has lived a life serving the goddess of the wind. After saving a young paladin’s life, she falls in love, only to discover that sometimes love requires sacrifice, and the hardest sacrifice of all is giving up true love.

Featured Author of the Week – Jeanette Raleigh

Jeanette Raleigh-Featured Author of the Week Movember 2, 2014

Jeanette Raleigh-Featured Author of the Week Movember 2, 2014

Jeanette Raleigh

…is an artist and author who has spent most of her life at some creative pursuit. Whether painting a castle or writing a novel, Jeanette enjoys the playful aspects of creation and strives to make worlds where others feel at home.

Jonathan Taylor paints a vivid tale that will have you holding the edges of your seat… If your looking for an end of the year kick in the pants…this is it!

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The Forgotten Mission: The Return (1) [Kindle Edition]

Jonathan Taylor

The year was 1968, Scott Salvador, a fresh Harvard Graduate had just landed his dream job at NASA. His life so far had brought him all he could wish for, the finely tuned image, the cars, the hot girls and the money.

He was now part of the Apollo Missions, this was it, he was living his dream.

An event from the past, had his future all mapped out, without him even knowing. Leading him down path he wasn’t expecting. This turn of events shattered his naivety, yet opened his mind.

Everything he’d ever believed in, or thought to be true, had suddenly been pulled out from under his feet, his unblemished innocence, stolen by what was about to happen.

Scott couldn’t believe the things that had been going on under our noses throughout history, that was until he became part of it all. His suspicious nature had got him into a predicament he just couldn’t escape from.

Whether he likes it or not, he’s now in so deep he can’t get out!

His real Mission has only just begun…