Nothing Like a good book on a snowy night…and here’s a good one for you.



Jehovah and Hades: Federal Case [Kindle Edition]

Randall Morris

The third book in the Jehovah and Hades series.

The federal government asks for help from the brothers when they fail to bring in a Hyde monster. Jehovah is too sick for field work so he remains behind to remotely provide tech support. Can Hades bring down the elusive Black Hawk on his own? Hades also wonders what role the feds will play if he is successful…

Free, I tell Ya IT’s FREE!



Eaters [Kindle Edition]

Stephen P. Scott

Something, or someone, is eating the citizens of Springfield. But Rick Randall and Johnnie Birdsong, Springfield Police Department night shift detectives are on the case–if they don’t get eaten themselves. Meanwhile, a couple of ne’er-do-well hackers working on a government research grant to listen for radio transmissions from outer space have hit the jackpot. Then there’s the ill-advised 20 year mission to a nearby star system which may or may not blow up in the mission director’s face. It’s like a made for TV disaster movie in book form, only better.

Here it is in all it’s Glory! It is now available…



The Other Inheritance [Kindle Edition]

Rebecca Jaycox

She touched the frog. Just once. It leaped into the air and hopped away, disappearing under the classroom desks. It had been awaiting its fate as a science experiment, fully dead, the stench of formaldehyde permeating the room . . .

Seventeen-year-old Reggie has been having a tougher time than usual. As if dealing with her alcoholic mother and fighting school bullies isn’t enough, dead things keep coming back to life and this biker dude shows up in her dreams, babbling about magic and a world called the Other.

Reggie’s life is changing, and she has no idea why. Or whether she should believe Rhys, the man in her dreams, who claims she’s in danger and that someone is coming to take her to a safer reality.

And when Asher shows up, things really get crazy.