Major Announcement! Sort of I guess, possibly…depends really…Now that I think about it, you won’t miss out on anything if you ignore it.

Over the past few weeks, my writing future has steadily taken over my thoughts and consciousness. In a good way I assure you. Those familiar with my writing style know that I do not have a “genre.” I write horror, mystery, macabre, and science fiction in no particular order of what may pop up next. It is a crap-shoot, a fruitcake with lots of nuts and juicy fruits. Well, I made a major decision a few days ago and I am going to focus on two genres – Mystery and Science Fiction.

“Impossible!” you say.

Well maybe. I think horror and the macabre will still be there but on the back burner.

“Why, why do this us? Your rock steady fans love variety and don’t care if you flip-flop back and forth.”

The fact is my focus is becoming more and more centralized. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the Macabre but leaning away from horror.

“When will this change take place?”

Well, it has already. My last three releases were short stories and I have more planned for the Bedeviled series. All Macabre. The David Winter Mystery series is off and running with the first release out this fall. I’m also working on the fourth book of Nucor my Science Fiction series.

“Will we still be able to buy your older stories?”

Certainly. They will be on, Barnes and Noble, I-tunes, Smashwords, and many more sights.

“When will you have your next book signing?”

I received an overwhelming amount of emails requesting a book singing. My last one was in October of last year and I may do it again this year.

Please send questions to