Featured Author of the Week – Jonathan Bergeron

Jonathan Bergeron was born and raised in Tampa Bay, Florida. In the past he’s been a teenager jumping around between jobs, a United States Marine, and a smartphone genius helper. He admits being a Marine was a hell of a lot of fun, it became apparent making stuff up for a living is the life.

He writes primarily science fiction, from the far-reaching space operas that hooked him on sci-fi from a young age to itty-bitty short stories. He loves bookstores, libraries, summer in Florida, hanging out with his daughter, and spending time with his wife.

Jonathan lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with his wonderful daughter, lovely wife, two rescued dogs, two adopted cats, and two goldfish won at the State Fair.

You can check him out on:
Twitter (@writer_jon, @androidsarereal)
Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/scifijon)
Blog (http://scifijon.wordpress.com)
Tumblr (http://lightyearsandbeyond.tumblr.com/)
Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/scifi_jon/)

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