SCI/FI Fantasy Book of The Week – Heavens Wars by Tim Wahl


Heaven’s Wars: Prophecy of the Chosen Kindle Edition

The war of good and evil rages on in book 3 of the Heaven’s Wars series! Lucifer’s forces crush all that oppose him and his dark cause. His defeats have been few and his army is infinite. The heavens, the Garden of Eden and the universe are within his wicked grasp and all would have been his had it not been for the few that resisted. Michael, leader of all angels, stands between Lucifer and the throne of God. Although not all the angels have joined Michael in his fight, the mortals and nephilim, beings born of angels and/or demons, have joined his cause. Even with their aid, the forces of good could not push back Lucifer’s evil. Such a push came from a dark angel, an angel unnamed, to most, but driven by a cause most true and good. But would his strength be enough to defeat Lucifer and the forces of evil? Was he the Chosen?

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