Cleve’s Mail Bag

I was asked what readers should expect to find in my books…My answer was short.


When I was asked to elaborate, I said,

“What is the reader looking for? I write in Sci-Fi, mystery, paranormal, macabre, and hard-boiled detective…but never romance…never.  I find it hard to be seductive while slicing a throat. Readers should expect to find a lot of twist and turns. Unexpected jumps in tempo, and a sudden scream. I write to entertain, to pull the readers mind in many different directions all at once and then allow their intellect to snap back in place in the end.”

That’s what I try to do. I feel readers want to be transported into a world very different from their own. They want to cast aside their life for several hours and be the hero in the book. They want to soar with the eagles, swim with the dolphins, fight the good fight, banish the felon, and find an escape for whatever reason.

Let’s face the facts. An author is an entertainer who attempts to capture the heart and soul of readers. Whether this goal is accomplished is hard to say. Some might argue that reviews tell all, others say sells. I say both. Not to get to far off track, if a reader does not find what he/she is looking for in your book they will not read another. Then again if a reader finds what they are looking for they will not only look forward to your new books but might read your old ones.

I write to the genre and attempt to either scare the heck out a reader or mystify them in solving a murder. My approach is simplistic and my style is all me. I was influenced by Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Poe, Nick Russell, Billy Kring, Suzy Debot, George Weir, Robert Thomas, Saxon Andrew, Michael Thomas, TR Tom Harris, and of course the great Russell Blake. They were many others who couched me, gave me advice, and held my hand, (and still do). So, in my writing the reader can expect to see these influences somewhere along the line.

To wrap this up, a reader can expect, “anything” and should.

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