Featured Illustrator of the week – Elizabeth Mackey

Elizabeth Mackey - Featured Illustrator of the week - Aug 31th, 2014

Elizabeth Mackey – Featured Illustrator of the week – Aug 31th, 2014

About Elizabeth Mackey

I am a military wife, stay at home mom and freelance graphic designer. I have a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California, San Diego with over 14 years of experience in graphic design and over 20 years of experience in fine art. I started taking fine art classes as young as I can remember and have always had a love for painting and drawing.

I live a blessed life doing the two things I love most, raising my children and designing. Cover design has become my passion and main focus over the last few years. I really enjoy working with very talented authors of all genres. I also enjoy designing custom invitations for birthday parties, weddings and special events.


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Gray Eyed Glory [Kindle Edition]

Gray Eyed Glory [Kindle Edition]

This is a contemporary romance set in beautiful San Diego.
Maddie, a poor-as-dirt struggling artist meets Gray Grisholm, an Olympic show-jumping rider, who walks with ease among the fabulously wealthy.
Are they attracted to each other? Absolutely, but both are focused on their careers with no time for romance. Still, no matter how ambitious they are, can they really control their hearts?
There are jealous artists, scheming competitors, wealthy art collectors, beautiful horses, fantastic show jumping, and the race for fame and fortune.
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