Ride em’ hard, and put em’ away wet …adventures awaits you…well what are waiting for get moving.

Ride em' hard, and putt em' away wet ...adventures awaits you...well what are waiting for get moving.

The Condor’s Feather [Kindle Edition]

Intrigue and adventure combine with a touch of romance in this unconventional story set in 1885.

With her thirst for adventure, Cynthia Beresford refuses to be constrained by the standards demanded of her by aristocratic Victorian society. She not only rides like a man, but desires other privileges enjoyed by the gentlemen of her era. Searching for excitement, she forgoes the luxuries of life at Huntingley and embarks on a riding expedition across the Pampas of Patagonia.
Though little is known of that inhospitable land, she is undeterred and boards a steamer in Liverpool bound for South America. Accompanying her on the voyage are her father and twin brother, her brother’s friend – a playwright, and her faithful Newfoundland dogs.
On the outward passage, Thia meets a mysterious Welshman, Euan Davies and when the party disembarks from the steamer on the Strait of Magellan, Davies agrees to accompany them on the ride and act as their guide. But after only a week in the saddle, his disturbing secret starts to unravel. Soon Thia’s party find themselves embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a group of dangerous prison escapees.
Beset by Indians, inhospitable terrain, pampas winds and mountain lions, is it possible this mismatched group of travellers can survive their adventure at the tail end of the world?

“The Condor’s Feather is a tale of travel and adventure replete with the sorts of events those wonderful old films always feature – the strong silent cowboy, jail breaks, bad hombres who will stop at nothing and a hint of romance. Set within the beauty of a savage and untamed landscape.” MyShelf.com

Gray Eyed Glory [Kindle Edition]

Gray Eyed Glory [Kindle Edition]

This is a contemporary romance set in beautiful San Diego.
Maddie, a poor-as-dirt struggling artist meets Gray Grisholm, an Olympic show-jumping rider, who walks with ease among the fabulously wealthy.
Are they attracted to each other? Absolutely, but both are focused on their careers with no time for romance. Still, no matter how ambitious they are, can they really control their hearts?
There are jealous artists, scheming competitors, wealthy art collectors, beautiful horses, fantastic show jumping, and the race for fame and fortune.
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