Three Young Women, Inner Demons, Frightening Good…FREE, FREE, FREE Through Sunday 3/16

FREE, FREE, FREE through Sunday 3/16
Three Young Women, Inner Demons, Frightening Good...

R.E.M. (Shattered Sky Series) [Kindle Edition]

Three young women are all confined by the same enchantment. It is an ever powerful, eternal demon that rests within their very hearts and minds. It is fear. The feeling consumes each one of them like a plague, influencing their every decision.
Renee, a thirteen year old girl, is the first to attempt freedom from this internal curse. She embraces the tinge of courage within her and allows her feet to drive her far away from her small town life of entrapment. Little does she know her journey against the unseen terror has only just begun.
The older, questionably less mature, Emily is blinded to her own imprisonment. Instead she allows guilt to cloud her mind while hiding under the cover of meaningless socialization. It is only when Emily finds herself in a strange land that she must finally confront her demons. Will she bow down to the nightmare before her? Or alas will she defeat the monster within?
Unlike the other two, Ms. Morrison has finally gotten her life in order, or so she believes. A professional, strict school teacher, she stands proud in all she has accomplished. Despite her success, terrors of a life long forgotten still torment her mind.
When all three women are forced to confront their inner horrors, their paths cross in an unimaginable way that will leave you breathless!

Bravery is conquering fear.

Bravery is conquering fear. Do you think you got what it takes? Buy the book and see...I really doubt if you're brave enough to finish it. Fear will conquer you first...

Shades of Fear [Kindle Edition]

Fears are stories we tell ourselves. These fears exist everywhere: in our minds, in our neighborhoods, and in all the places beyond. Come with us as our 22 writers take you deep into their world of fears, exposing the vulnerable spots in each writer’s soul. What strikes fear in their hearts will haunt you.


Authored by D.L. Scott, Authored with K Webster, Authored with rJo Herman, Authored with T D Harvey, Authored with Maria Sauerbrei, Authored with Krista Redmayne, Authored with Kerry E.B. Black, Authored with Laura K Cowan, Authored with Jack Darkness, Edited by Dara Ratner Rochlin, Cover design or artwork by Mika Sugano