WOW!! Exciting, Heart Pounding!!!

WOW!!, Exciting, Heart Pounding!!!

Separate Lives (Tyson Palmer Thriller Series) [Kindle Edition]

Book 2 of the Tyson Palmer Thriller Series

Watch for the Audible Audio Edition this December.

Follow Tyson Palmer to the desert of New Mexico as New York Times bestselling author Dale Roberts, who took you on a heart pounding thrill-ride deep inside a mind controlling cult in The Following, takes you into the very heart of a murder investigation and into the mind of a serial killer in Separate Lives.

When journalist-turned-author, Tyson Palmer visits retired FBI profiler, Reardon Meeks, for research for his next book, a beloved minister is murdered and his dark, secret life is exposed. The two of them are pulled into the investigation of what is the first in a series of murders of respected, high profile people, each leading a secret, separate life that will cause everyone to question just how well they really know their neighbors…and themselves.

Bravery is conquering fear.

Bravery is conquering fear. Do you think you got what it takes? Buy the book and see...I really doubt if you're brave enough to finish it. Fear will conquer you first...

Shades of Fear [Kindle Edition]

Fears are stories we tell ourselves. These fears exist everywhere: in our minds, in our neighborhoods, and in all the places beyond. Come with us as our 22 writers take you deep into their world of fears, exposing the vulnerable spots in each writer’s soul. What strikes fear in their hearts will haunt you.


Authored by D.L. Scott, Authored with K Webster, Authored with rJo Herman, Authored with T D Harvey, Authored with Maria Sauerbrei, Authored with Krista Redmayne, Authored with Kerry E.B. Black, Authored with Laura K Cowan, Authored with Jack Darkness, Edited by Dara Ratner Rochlin, Cover design or artwork by Mika Sugano