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Attorney David Winter kicks back on the Florida beach soaking in the sunshine and watching the ladies stroll by. When his old Army buddy, Sean asks him to defend his aunt in a murder case, David doesn’t think twice and leaves the sun and sand for Missouri’s ice and snow to help his old pal. Seems Aunt Sharon’s past time was killing husbands and getting rich off their insurance policies. Not even Sean’s generosity—a BMW 528i with chauffeur, 100 grand plus expenses and a luxury apartment–all at David’s disposal—can save Aunt Sharon from the needle!

The more David investigates, the more accomplices keep coming out of the woodwork. When he’s shot, drugged and hit over the head, David takes it personally—but that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg! He faces a startling truth, which nearly destroys him and his faith in all he holds dear. But lady justice isn’t blind and unforgiving of those who shake her scales. As an instrument of law, David must once again become the hardened soldier honed on the battlefields of VietNam and stand toe to toe with unscrupulous prosecutors, and a judge wanting a quick trial. Buckle your safety belt…you are in for a wild ride.

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AL CLARK (A Sci Fi Adventure Novel) [Kindle Edition]

Jonathan G. Meyer , Dawne Dominique

The man that would call himself Al Clark woke up in a box to strange surroundings and a new life, with no memory of the life that came before. His journey of survival to discover his identity leads him to places he could not imagine, complete with space ships, robots, aliens, and friends.
He dreams of a good life, an idyllic village nestled in a green valley, with friends that truly care—and finds them all during his adventure of a lifetime—at least the lifetime he remembers.

Snoops or SnOpes…your call.

This morning my wife asked me to look at a post she found very suspicious on Facebook. Not that it contained an occult message she was able to deceiver. Nothing like that. No, it was a picture of a beach with three large letters on it made from white stones, SOS. The caption told of a woman who had been on the island for seven years and was finally rescued after someone saw the SOS on Goggle Maps.

Now, I could have easily told her it was false. Even that the hoax was on the internet a long time ago. But I didn’t.

She told me she thought it was fake, “How would a woman spend that much time on an island and then be rescued without it being on the news? I think there is something wrong here.”

This is when I decided to play teacher. I told her all about ( and how you can look up crap like this and find out if it is true or false.  She was intrigued and followed my instructions to the letter. When she was finished reading it she again followed my instructions and copied the URL of the ( page. She pasted the URL to the original post on Facebook. She felt empowered and announced to the world that this post was a hoax in the comment section.

Then she did something totally unexpected, “Snoops?” She asked.

“Snoops,” I said.

Then she points to the screen, “The e makes the o long…it is pronounced snO pes.”

“Maybe so,” I said, “but everyone pronounces it snoops.”

“Everyone is wrong,” she said.

So, instead of arguing with her I made a post and presented it to my Facebook friends.

They sided with her though.

The more I think about it the more snOpes sounds like a sophisticated version of snoops. “No darling I go to snOpes to check on all those post…Don’t be silly dear, Snoops is for those little people.”

It is snoops…not snOpes.

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