Truck Drivers…probably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world…just got worse! Don’t read it alone!

Truck Drivers...probably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world...just got worse! Don't read it alone!

Deadhead Miles [Kindle Edition]
Jason Davis (Author), James Venn (Author), Sean Oakly (Author), Willy Adkins (Author), Martin Slag (Author), Joey Webb (Author), Katie Jones (Author), Joseph Rubas (Author), Walter Conley (Author), Michael Bracken (Author)

Highway terror as these pages are filled for horror on the road.

Table of Contents
Preserve the Company by Katie Jones
The Highway Man by Joseph Rubas
Voomps by James Cenn
The Sands by Martin Slag
The House in the Sky by Walter Conley
Black Mack by Michael Bracken
The Journey by D. Ceder
Whenever You Come by Sergio Palumbo
Happenstance Head’s West by Joseph A. Voegele
Roadside Assistance by Jason R. Davis
On Time Delivery by Jason R. Davis
Saying Goodbye by Willy Adkins
Night Owl by Joey Webb
Rest Area by Sean Oakly

Here is a collection of short stories for you this Saturday night…Boo!

Here is a collection of short stories for you this Saturday night...Boo!

Monsters,Ghost & Zombies: Volume II [Kindle Edition]
New author Mark Rich, presents the second installment of the Monsters,Ghost & Zombies series.All new modern horror stories.

A Werewolf In The Hood
Crack House Zombies
Drug Ship
Haunted Mine

If there is one thing that frightens me…that is Gargoyle’s! Must Read!

If there is one thing that frightens me...that is Gargoyle's! Must Read!

Gargoyle Knight: A Dark Urban Fantasy [Kindle Edition]

When his kingdom is threatened by an ancient evil, a king is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. If he is to defeat an army of monsters, he must become one himself! His victory carries a terrible price… An eternity frozen in stone.

Fifteen centuries later, the Celtic warrior is awakened when the world needs him most. A stranger in a strange land with his only guide a beautiful archeology student, he must battle his old adversary once again, all while struggling with his own darkness. For he is by day a man, by night cursed to become… The GARGOYLE!



This is one book you will not put down and scream for more after the last page…

This is one book you will not put down and scream for more after the last page...

Bond Of Terror (Stone Of Argentos) [Kindle Edition]

When the daemon Zalophus and the Goddess Kellandra collude, Tracy Lupin’s evening turns from bad, to one of violence and terror. She finds herself lost in Esgar, a world on the brink of war after almost two thousand years of peace. In her possession, an unshakable bracelet known as The Stone Of Argentos.

While monsters roam the forests of Esgar, a secretive group known as Defenders Of The Realms search for Outworlders, auburn-haired girls plucked from far away worlds.

Hounded by the forces of evil and chased by Defenders, Tracy wants nothing to do with the games others are playing with her life. But the powers of good and evil will not be denied. Both plot and scheme to control her, force her towards a prophesied point in time, one that will redefine the fate of Esgar forever…

Food, Water, and Lots Of Luck…Zombies!

Food, Water, and Lots Of Luck...Zombies!

Zombies vs Robots
Series: Zombies vs Robots, Book 1
By Joseph Cautilli

A desperate tale of survival… A family and their friends frantically battle legions of zombies in a major American east coast city. This family has one advantage, and that is its ability to innovate new technologies, including robots, to increase their chances of survival. Through the use of the robots they are able to reclaim some of their lost world, but zombies are not their only worry. Other survivors are often just as dangerous. Finding sources of food and water prove to be equal and ongoing challenges for them. Follow their movement through joy and despair as they seek to live just another day. If you like the fusion of cyberpunk and graphic horror, then this is the book for you!