Truck Drivers…probably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world…just got worse! Don’t read it alone!

Truck Drivers...probably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world...just got worse! Don't read it alone!

Deadhead Miles [Kindle Edition]
Jason Davis (Author), James Venn (Author), Sean Oakly (Author), Willy Adkins (Author), Martin Slag (Author), Joey Webb (Author), Katie Jones (Author), Joseph Rubas (Author), Walter Conley (Author), Michael Bracken (Author)

Highway terror as these pages are filled for horror on the road.

Table of Contents
Preserve the Company by Katie Jones
The Highway Man by Joseph Rubas
Voomps by James Cenn
The Sands by Martin Slag
The House in the Sky by Walter Conley
Black Mack by Michael Bracken
The Journey by D. Ceder
Whenever You Come by Sergio Palumbo
Happenstance Head’s West by Joseph A. Voegele
Roadside Assistance by Jason R. Davis
On Time Delivery by Jason R. Davis
Saying Goodbye by Willy Adkins
Night Owl by Joey Webb
Rest Area by Sean Oakly