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Defending Earth-Discovery Means Death Kindle Edition

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Escape to Earth-Living Legends Kindle Edition

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Joshua’s Walls: Sequel to Mike’s War [Kindle Edition]

Saxon Andrew

From the International Bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew, comes Joshua’s Walls, the Sequel to Mike’s War. Sparta has overthrown the corrupt government on Earth and replaced it with leaders intent on bringing Earth up to the technological level of the Alliance. The Alliance Engineers are installing machines that provide free food and clothing for all of Earth’s Citizens. However, they are being attacked by rebels claiming that Sparta is intent on conquering and ruling Earth. The rebellion is spreading and Jesse is forced to fight the rebels with weapons and volunteers from Earth. Sparta will defend the Alliance Installations but to use Spartan Warriors and weapons to put down the rebellion would only prove the rebels are right in their assertions of Spartan Rule.
To make matters worse, Sparta can’t go to fight with the Gracken against the Weg until the rebellion is ended. The war with the Weg is not going well and the Gracken are counting on Sparta to join them in the defense of planets that are infested with Weg Queens. Jesse calls on Joshua Adams to form an Elite Unit to take on the rebels and, though he doesn’t think the young officer can make an immediate difference, he gives Joshua and Pricilla the tools they’ll need to face their enemy.
The action is continuous from fighting the Rebels on Earth to facing off against millions of charging Weg. The Weg are winning and Joshua will have to build the walls needed to hold them back.

Excerpt from Joshua’s Walls: Cliff looked up at the huge Gracken standing next to him, “We’re sorta trapped here, aren’t we?”
Rumel shook his head, “Not really, the Weg can only come at us from one direction.” He pointed at the opening of the valley directly ahead of them and said, “It would take too long for them to dig through the rocks. They’ll be coming from the valley’s entrance.”
“Are you sure they’re coming?”
Rumel chuckled, “We’re here on the ground aren’t we?”
Cliff shook his head. He had been sent by Commandant Dunlov to watch a battle between the Gracken and Weg in order to bring back intelligence on what human warriors would need to know to fight against them. After years of delay, Earth was finally under control and the Alliance had begun arming their former enemies with their most advanced weapons. The Gracken provided recordings of earlier fights but Commandant Dunlov needed to see how the new Alliance weapons were performing in close combat. Clifford was there to find out. Cliff knew the Weg would be coming in large numbers…but…he used his amplified helmet scanner and didn’t see anything for miles around the valley. He looked up at the sky and saw hundreds of military transports that had dropped the Gracken Division in the valley. They were hovering a thousand feet above in the event the Gracken warriors had to jump to escape. He turned to Rumel, “Are you sure they’re coming?” Rumel raised his shoulder launcher and started firing. Cliff turned and in the moment he looked away from the valley’s entrance to ask the question, it was now choked with an onrushing wave of green and orange colored creatures charging forward at an incredible speed. Cliff’s mouth fell open and after a moment he raised his sliver rifle and began firing it on full auto.

This review is from: Mike’s War: Sequel to Jesse’s Starship
Andrew does it again! A great read with a fun twist. Saxon Andrew pitched another fun non-stop read in the world of Jesse’s Starship. Mike’s War takes a interesting look at the Earth 17 years post alien intervention…and how good old earth common sense can save a galaxy. well worth the cost. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the Jesse’s Starship Saga. I do hope there are a couple more books on the works around these characters, it’s an exciting fun universe he has written.

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Featured Book of the Week, Saxon Andrew exclusive! His Newest Hot Release – Nemesis-Revenge is Best Served Hot



Release will be the second week of October.

From the International Bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew comes his newest book, Nemesis-Revenge is Best Served Hot.  Two genetically modified human babies have been taken to the Choten-Zan Monastery to be raised to adulthood.  The ancient priests have agreed to teach them their best hand-to-hand combat techniques and develop their speed and reflexes.  The two children are sent away on their eighteenth birthday with a small warship and space armor that was left for them by the one that delivered them to the Zan.

That’s all they received when they left the Monastery and they do not know who they are or where they were born.  They kidnap a Werstag Engineer on a planet where they are attacked by hundreds of Yellow Armored Warriors.  He tells them that they are a species called human and that their attackers are from a civilization that destroyed their home world.  Grant and Cinny decide that the species that destroyed Earth will pay for their crime.  But first they have to find an invincible warship named Orion’s Sword to make that happen.

The Werstag tells them that they were created to be the Orion’s pilots and the Yellow Species knows the danger they represent.  It’s a race to see if the Raiders can kill the two before they find the most powerful warship in the universe.